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Church Bells Ringing
Strongaxe, AS and Autism are not new since the 60's. Neither are categorized with ADD or ADHD. With more data, research, training and many Schools implementing programs there is no excuse today for anyone to continue with a 60's level of ignorance.

Seeing Adults as bullies to other Adults with variables surely is a sign many in the older generation will never move forward but hold to those prejudices along with other prejudices they will carry until death. Their inability to learn new ways and research is why we see so many of these same closed minded opinionated men and women reject the research of science today in many areas of our life. One could include Climate research in the mix.

Church Bells Ringing
Those with AS are very verbal. Many with Autism are also very verbal. There are various degrees with these two closely related. Mostly those with severe Autism show as nonverbal.

There are millions of professionals in this world with AS. Bill Gates confirms he has AS, and possibly Autism. Not only is he very verbal, but also has specific learning disabilities. Many with very high IQ's have what is called Specific Learning Disabilities. Spelling, illegible handwriting, basic math, are just a few areas. Albert Einstein had the SLD with difficulty in spelling.

Making unwarranted and ignorant comments is why so many school children suffer depression. Educating parents here online is why I posted.

Absent From Our Body
David8318, your answer is found in 2 Corinthians 5 in the Holy Bible. Kathr4453 did not make that up. What kind of Book do the JW use in place of the Holy Bible? That may be your problem. I would suggest reading the Holy Bible before showing yourself unlearned of the very basics of Christianity, if you want to debate Christianity. We believe Jesus saved our souls from death. The Holy Bible is where we find these truths.

Your beliefs are not founded on the Holy Scriptures. It is not in your best interest to promote the false prophets of the JW. We are warned to reject any teachings of false prophets.

First Amendment Right
I believe this is what kathr4453 was referring to Monk_Brendan

U.S. Code 18 U.S. Code 227 - Wrongfully influencing a private entitys employment decisions by a Member of Congress or an officer or employee of the legislative or executive branch.

Our current President has been accused of this on many different issues.

Can Criminals Change With God
Nicole, What evidence shows crosses or stakes the Romans used for their death penalty were only used one time and then taken down and given to the family of the criminal as a souvenir? It was used over and over. I also don't believe the Jews stole the stake when Rome wasn't looking.

There is no mention or history of Jesus Cross or stake until Constantines Mother, Helena, claimed she had with many artifacts of Jesus. Even her obsession became an issue within the Catholic Church. The mindset during Jesus time here on earth among believing Jews was that Idolotry was a sin. So it would not have entered the minds of believing Jews or even believing Gentiles to keep the cross or stake. That is the practice of heathens.

Evolution Of Carnivores
Who is to say that God wasn't responsible for Evolution, the natural rhythm of the Universe and so on and so on. Just because monkey turned into man isn't in the Bible, doesn't mean to me that a Power greater than ourselves isn't still responsible for everything. Therefore, acknowledging that there is a superior universal power will hopefully humble us and open us up to learning what we each one of us is supposed to learn in this life.

End-Time Handmaidens
Prayer is needed desperately. Of the states VT is #50 and NH #49 for having an interest in serving God. We are experiencing a breakthrough and the battle is raging. Pray about a Jezebel spirit that is destructive.

Guys Say I Am Ugly And Fat
Love yourself enough to disregard their insecurities. I have found that growing in your love relationship with Jesus will protect you from the wolves who can't get past the flesh to see the heart.

In Love With A Non-Christian
If it is the Christ's Will, He will make this relationship work.

Wife Has Jules Spirit
what if she has a Jules spirit that is hurting his ministry from getting off the ground...

Ummmm....his first ministry is to his wife. He seems more concerned about HIS public ministry than he does his private ministry. I'm sorry, but that is as hypocritical, if not more so, than her drinking....and his lack of attention to her a fuel to continue what numbs the pain of feeling so insignificant he would put others in front of her. The marriage, not the public ministry, is a representation of the relationship between Christ and the church. A public ministry will be no more successful than the private and a man whose wife is hurting while he plays the public role cares more for public image than the image of Christ.

My Faith Is Wavering
The size of faith is determined by its resting place. Faith that rests in yourself, the circumstance, or someone else can be no greater than that person's or circumstance's ability and willingness to do solve the problem. Faith in God, however, is great faith that does not waver because He is great and so very faithful.

Love God With All Heart
1 John 4:10 KJV

Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

Take the focus off your loving God and put it on how much He loved us. You cannot give back to Him what you have not first received from Him.

Men Interested In Large Women
I love Yr web cite,very organized.

Did Anyone Marry A Little Boy
My husband and I were married when I was 16, he was 17. We both had to grow up. I believe I matured much faster. There was many years when his fun came before family, I never gave uo on him. He turned out to be the best daddy and husband anyone could ask for. One of the main problems in marriages today is that people give up on each other because they think it is easier. I thank God everyday for the 40 years I had with Mikel. I wouldn't trade my memories of our life together for anything on this earth. I am blessed,

I Need A Christian Friend
Im at home alot and would love to have a Christian friend to talk to.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
I understand your pain. My oldest son has cut me out of his life. It really hurts but I finally realized after a lot of tears, I just had to let him go. I put him in God's hands and trust God in the situation. I have to belive one day he will be back. We used to be so close and he has turned into a totally different young man. But I will always love him.

I Need A Christian Friend
I could use a good Christian friend. Seems like Christian friends are hard to find especially if you're single. I've asked God to bring me at least 1 or 2 Christians in my life to fellowship with, do things together, etc. but really haven't met anyone yet. Gets very lonely. God Bless:)

Changed Your Doctrine
Legends challenges me to consider possibilities other than my present perspective. I love his posts.

Hurt By A Church
JosephineC ~ God will restore the years the locust, cankerworm, caterpillar, palmerworm, and army has eaten.

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