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How To Get Saved
ENTERING THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS SALVATION. LISTED BELOW are those who will not enter AKA BE SAVED. And we know many continue to practice these below SHOWING WATER BAPTISM DIES NOT SAVE. ( unless this is a belief you can get baptized and then do anything you want)

Leviticus 18:22Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death, ...

1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, ASA SODOMY.

Death Penalty Biblical
What part of John 8 ....just throwing out a chapter is playing games here. Is it the part where the woman was taken in Adultry? Or some other part of John 8...

Please give specific verses, and back up as to why and how that applies to any Government whether here or elsewhere?

What are the qualifications? He who is without sin? Just doesn't fly here ....otherwise even putting in prison would go against that mindset.

I believe in the death penalty for horrible acts towards others...towards children, towards woman.

And John 8 shows nowhere our Governments cannot procede.

Church On Doctrines
How one defines CHURCH does matter when it comes to answering this question.

Let's take eating meat on Friday. I have a friend who was told by her local earthly Church that her mother is in hell because she ate meat on Friday. YET THE TRUE CHURCH, Where Christ is the head where all authority comes directly from Him, has made no such statement, or doctrine.

Be a good Berean folks......if it's not in scripture YOU are not bound by it.

Many Protestant churches have no such BINDING doctrines as the RCC or ORTHODOX....but believe in the INDIVIDUAL Priesthood of the believer...something the RCC and Orthodox do not believe.

Death Penalty Biblical
I don't think John 8 is the guideline for dealing with various crimes re :murder, etc. The lady taken in adultery was not a crazed murderer, or whatever a states guideline is for the death penalty. That excuse is so lame. We don't forgive and let go murderers child molesters rapists because we are all sinners. YIKES! That is such an irresponsible attitude, which also would include any form of justice. I

Just referencing a chapter in the Bible proves nothing.

Remember Jesus was CRUCIFIED according to Jewish law because claiming to be God was worthy of the Death penalty.

Also why Paul murdered Jews ( without condemnation of other Jews) who abandoned the Jewish faith and believed Jesus is God.

How To Get Saved
Also see Acts 22:16 ...
THE NIV ..1Peter 3: 21 and this water "symbolizes baptism" that now saves you also not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a clear conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ,


KJV) not the putting away of the filth of the flesh
Phillips) far more than mere washing..
filth of the flesh = sins of the flesh

Any elementary bible student would understand the context.

Unless you want to use a DRY SHAMPOO / cleanser that doesn't need water to wash away your dirt Cluny who's always looking for DIRT too funny here on this subject....LOLAROTF

How To Get Saved
Actually Noah and family never got wet...

The perishing of the world and the new birth after represents the death and resurrection of Jesus Peter says NOT the washing away of the sins of the flesh but by the resurrection of Jesus Christ please read 1Peter 1:3 with 1 Peter 3:21 ..they support one another.

2 Peter 3:6 say the world overflowed with water PERISHED....aka suffering death, suffer complete ruin or distruction....

Why our Orthodox and RCC are blind to this verse is beyond me when it clearly shows what the flood is talking about ....a type and shadow of Jesus death and resurrection and our identification with that. Noah and family died to the OLD world and all that was in it.

How To Get Saved

Galatians 3:27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

Here is another verse I love, reiterating Romans 6 which I have posted more than 500 times here...and being what I post more often this subject matter than anything else. Sorry to anyone who never saw those posts or those who have no Bible and never heard of Romans 6 ever. It's a must read.

Note the words above baptized INTO CHRIST...have PUT ON CHRIST. PUT ON THE NEW MAN... Put off the old.

Romans 13:12-14
1Cor 15:54
Ephesians 4:24
Gal 3:9
COL 3:9-14
1Thess 5,8
1Peter 3:18

How To Get Saved
'If it was good for Jesus it should be good for us' YES .....AND being crucified with Christ and raised up together with Him a NEW CREATURE where the power of sin over and in us is broken...that we died to sin and no longer walk in it....seems to me to have SO MUCH MORE POWER dealing with SIN than water.

Water Baptism is what represents our identification with Jesus in death and resurrection life....but just a stand alone water ritual, cannot break the power of sin and death over us.Maybe that's why some live their life continually confessing sin because they haven't learned to walk in the Spirit of the Life of Christ IN THEM that set them FREE from the law of sin and death.

How To Get Saved
Bob, isn't it funny that some think water saves a person. I wonder how many RCC were Mofia families who murdered stole, lied and trafficed in prostitution , drug trafficking, getting kids addicted to drugs and on and on. Too funny. BUT hay, if your gonna give someone some false idea water baptism saves ....what stops them from sinning like heck afterwards. All they have to do is SIN and then confess to a priest and SIN AGAIN. EASY PEASY. I don't see anY magical powers in water....not even in the OT.

Peter says it's NOT the washing away of the sin of the flesh, BUT a good conscience towards God BUT BY THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST so Peter was talking about spiritual baptism.

Sister Or By First Name
Since the poster ASKED one is butting in anothers marriage...SO LAUGHABLE NICOLE.

I still say let the woman speak for herself. Maybe if SHE got up in the pulpit and made HER WANTS KNOWN , people would listen.

The issue here was WHY do they still call her by her name when her husband says not to.

The questioner asked WHATS RIGHT? which means asking a question. If she didn't want interference, she should not have asked

SO AGAIN SO MORONIC, , SO LAUGHABLE is your comment to me Nicole.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
STRONGAXE are you saying the subject of S & G was about Abraham? And whether Abraham could stop God? If so,,,,then you were not paying attention either.

Yoke Of Bondage
You are right...from Acts 1 on to today, those saved are the CHURCH, which God has called out to be the ones who reign and rule with Christ when He does come at the second coming and set up the 1000 year earthly reign AKA The Kingdom restored to Israel.

Those who suffer with Him will REIGN WITH HIM. AND THEN 1 Cor 15 state after that, after then the Kingdom will be delivered up to God so God will be all in All.

Hopefully no one thinks the CHURCH is going to rule over anyone in heaven....

How To Get Saved
Yes Bob, many make false accusations against Christians presuming everyone that calls themself a Christian is. When one actually studies the 4 soils in the Gospels, one can see Jesus showing us only the seed that falls on the GOOD GROUND produce fruit. Those falsely accusing the BOC constantly as though they are Gods fruit inspectors always looking into every soul, making outrageous accusations and claims that ALL or the Majority of Christians this or that spend ends more time judging others relationship with the Lord than they spend with the Lord themselves. I think this is known as a Pharisee.

Do you agree Bob?

How To Get Saved
I believe the verses below show more than just a mental nod to Jesus Christ and his dying for out sin....

we do not deny Christ when we go through trials and testings
And if we have a moments laps of faith out of fear etc, HE IS FAITHFUL. PRAISE GOD.

So this mental nod is no where in scripture. Our FAITH IS TESTED....

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
I also don't see where God put it in Abrahams hands in the first place, nor did God say...HAY ABRAHAM, IF you can guess the lucky number of Righteous in S & G I won't destroy ..

So RICH, as in totally laughable.

The subject is WHY God destroyed Nicole, not IF He would change His mind if Abraham won at some sort of ....OF YOU CAN GUESS THE LUCKY NUMBER, ...

Why is it when Nicole pops in the subject changes....

Yoke Of Bondage
There can be no gospel of the Kingdom without a KING AND KINGDOM first. The crown of thorns mocking saying KING OF THE JEWS, , where Jesus said...MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD, showing He did not come the first time to set up the KINGDOM to Israel with their very legalistic Kingdom Law where one had to cut off a hand or poke our an eye to enter in...since Jesus will be ruling with a ROD IF IRON.....

That was never preached in Acts or with James or Peter or John in their epistles.

So rightly dividing the word of truth is necessary, AND KNOWING what the Kingdom restored to Israel is about is most important. When you know those FACTS you can make clear distinctions that there was not two Gospels being preached after Pentecost.

Sister Or By First Name
Neither do you know as much as anyone else here...and you need to be quiet since yours is also speculation. I hope that is rich enough for you. I can add more richness if you'd like...just say the word.

So your being disingenuous here is more than rich.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy

If Abraham continued going down to one person he would have saved the cities. Even though he didn't, God saved the only one man anyway. Nicole////

So now you are God or got some special revelation not in scripture? How do you know that?

Your argument is stupid Nicole. I don't think you even know what it's about but just like to be contrary.

We do know they were evil before the Angels came to get Lot out. And it looks like only 4 minus Lots wife who looked back made it out. God destroyed the cities as they were running out of there. Peter gives more insight as well.

Church Bells Ringing
Cluny knows how it started and that is all that matters Strongaxe. I'm done discussing this.

Do I obsess over every thread you've changed the subject and insist on a reason why? NO. Look at all these posts YOU continue in taking up when I said DONE.

Stop taking up this thread Strongaxe.

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