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Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
I know birds were sacrificed, but where does it specifically say SPARROWS the OT. ARENT YOU ASSUMING MUCH? And where is OT instructions concerning the feathers? Even when Lambs were laid on the alter, are you saying they were not skinned you say burning WOOL was also part of the sacrifice? Please show scripture supporting your theory.

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
Nicole, Cluny says they were not sacrificial birds, you say they were. Who is correct? Anyway, whether they were or weren't ...their was no instruction for sacrificing the feathers of any if the birds, so they all could have been used for feather beds.

How To Calculate 666
Well whatever authority God gave Peter at the beginning of the Church age has nothing to do with the RCC of today. Peter is dead. There is no such thing as succession. And the RCC is not the HEAVENLY CHURCH. Nor is any human head of the HEAVENLY CHURCH. JESUS IS HEAD OF THE CHURCH. Colossians 1:18 as a matter of fact. Deal with it Nicole. No pope has any earthly authority over anyone all made that us. No scripture supports such a hierarchy. That's why we have PROTESTANTS who oppose your false set up.

God Bless President Trump
///Like Obama did General Flynn///

YIKES, another mental twist. Flynn is GUILTY and Obama warned Trump about him. Trump thinking anything Obama says thinks is stupid and Trump did just the opposite, STARTED ALL OF THIS. Because Trump thinks he's a know it all, taking no ones advise, is 100% to blame for ALL THIS since his presidency.

More will come out on that that has been sealed ....putting EGG all over Nicole and her like minded cronies.

Interestingly enough FOX actually reported on that early on, and I printed the article as proof to those FOX HOLE foxes who said...OH NO THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

Church On Doctrines
Nicole deflecting again. Stop excusing Trump by listing everyone else's sins.

"God, why send me to hell, Billy did this and even more. I know Billy is in hell, but I'm better than Billy because I'm a republican, and my sins don't really count the same "

This mentality is getting so lame.

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
Who knows, but it shows that even the least valued things mean a lot to God, and how much more our value.
Maybe their feathers were used for feather beds...

God Bless President Trump
Morality and Christianity 101

1) revenge is not self defense...YIKES...Is this what TRUMPISM is teaching Christians today?
2) 1Thesselonians 5:21-22 says "PROVE ALL THINGS" ...
3) They don't deny what was said, they only said extortion and shakedowns are done all the time...(probably under Trump) ( I don't see other Presidents coming to that defense)

//Note Yovanovitch ONLY complained about her FEELINGS//
---Nicole_Lacey on 11/18/19

NOTE: Nicole did not watch, but only listened to Fox News limited distorted rendition of her testimony. Nicole, she clearly noted how his actions indangered foreign policy and other ambassadors / diplomats around the world. This was not "about" her feelings YIKES

Church On Doctrines
The 10 Commandments are for sinners, the Law of Christ is for saints. Trump is a sinner.....but sinners ( who claim to be saints) when shown the 10 commandments SEE they are a sinner by Gods yardstick, and if one then has a moral fiber in their body, and has not already seared their own conscience ( this may be the case with Trump) will repent and be sorry. Not Trump, he makes excuses, and you all help him make those excuses......corrupting our younger generation as they see what HYPOCRITS you all are. 2 Timothy 3 is COMMING soon to your home. You will have much explaining to do ...Nicole says REVENGE is defending yourself and is OK. YIKES! GOD SAYS AVENGE NOT YOURSELVES. ROMANS 12:19.

Who are you going to obey, God or man?

Support President Trump
God asks us to turn away from this, not join them. Teaching that revenge is ok to defend yourself (Nicole) is blasphemous, Romans 12:19

2 Timothy 3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God,

5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Church On Doctrines
Jerry, the thought is YOU ARE THE HYPOCRITE. Because You being under the Law excuse Trump breaking the law. Don't deflect here Jerry.....

Slander is not only OT but NT, and Trump Viciously violates both, YOU EXCUSE, therefore have no right to point your finger at anyone.

No one says not being UNDER THE LAW , means we can freely break the law. You still don't get it. Being UNDER the law of CHRIST is more difficult than being under the law of Moses. MORE IS EXPECTED NOT LESS.

Support President Trump
When Jesus THE WORD was made flesh, that's not joining Himself to sinners, YIKES. He was fully God and fully man without sin, and was made flesh for the purpose of death....dying for our sin.... There is no joining together with sinners Nicole. Romans 6 shows before we are joined together with Christ, we first DIED WITH CHRIST died to sin.

We were first justified by His blood, meaning in Gods Eyes our sin was washed away before any JOINING could take place. We are joined to the risen Christ as NEW CREATURES.

But THOSE MIRACLES as I showed before YOU don't believe in, questioning whether you really are a Christian based on Gods Word.

God Bless President Trump
Yes Strongaxe. Then we have, and always will, those totally blind and brainwashed like Nicole, explaining away and normalizing this hideous behavior. So truthfully stated, yes a President can recall and replace at any time, but WHY WAS A SMEAR CAMPAIGN NECESSARY? done by crazy Gullliani at Mr T,s bidding with those two RUSSIAN crime thugs living in Ukraine who moved to America, becoming Trumps bag men going back 15 years, he claimed he didn't know. It's all sickening . This is Nicole's flavor of Christianity....NO THANKS.

What we all know is if the tables were turned and Obama was pulling this garbage, their hair would be on fire.

Hypocricy has always been one of my biggest pet peeves.

Support President Trump
I know Nicole...I see the mark of the beast all over you. And you say Jesus joined Himself to the beast too? Ha....hilarious ! The world has been full of beasts and anti_Christs for quite sometime, and I see no where we or Jesus is joined with them. Actually God says COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE NOT JUDGED WITH THEM.

Your ignorance is not surprising as I'm beginning to see the 40%...many generic Christians are actually ignorant Of all scripture.

Like Paul warned: (sic)
Lay hands on no man suddenly and be not partakers of their sin....keep yourselves PURE.

Your free to sully yourself Nicole....but you now can't claim ignorance.

Church On Doctrines
Just more deflecting, pointing away from Mr T by pointing at Clinton. Does that make Mr T's behavior ok? Why this bazaar mindset of deflecting and pointing to another sinner? Is this some 4th grade mental freeze on people. Or is the 40% who excuse Mr T's behavior people with very LOW IQ's? Or just social and moral retards? Now picture me doing the spactic arm dance pointing at you, the way Mr. T mocked others. Don't get all self righteous now....only showing how big of a hypocrite you really are.

God Bless President Trump
Paula is Trumps spiritual advisor, has filled his head with her false gospel.

Slandering our dedicated Ambassadors is so satanic, it's not even funny. Slander is a very serious SIN to God both in the new and Old Testament , yet we see many hypocrites here who are so centered on the 10 Commandments..( one being thou shall not bear false witness) made it into the TOP TEN, look the other way, and those who don't adhear to the 10 saying they are under Grace....,SURPRISE, Paul has many verses addressing too look the other way making excuses....also MOCKING GOD. Your two faced stance brings shame to God and Christianity around the world. Not only is Trump trying to sabotage democracy but also Christianity .

God Bless President Trump
It was 2000 at Easter, Paula insisted everyone send her $2000, for the "Passover " offering bringing in the year 2000, and promised that everyone who did God would immediately dispatch to them 2 of His Angels. As an Accountant, all I could do was , 1 ) watch my mouth drop to the floor, and 2) calculate the GM of that transaction, 100% she didn't first have to invest in the Angels, and selling GODS ANGELS to boot. What a deal....but watching this on the TBN, people were sending money right and left, believing this garbage, or so they made it look like people were. What a con, and who's gonna take her to court proving they didn't get their 2 Angels? What a scam. Maybe that's what Trump minded con artists.

How To Calculate 666
Ianns, yes 6 equals man, created on the 6th day. 7 equates Born again man, created IN CHRIST who is a perfect 7. I agree with this. Bottom line, ALL outside of Christ , still tied to this world system, being controlled by humans adds up to elementary way of looking at it.

In contrast to 777, Those IN CHRIST, no longer part of this world system, as Paul states in Galatians 6 crucified to the world and world to us, obedient unto death to God alone.

Strongaxe THE RCC is a 666, and has no heavenly authority over the will of God. It is earthly to the core. The Pope is not the vicar of Christ...nor has any authority making covenants in the name of God for God especially concerning the ELECT OF GOD, THE JEWS. Romans 11.

God Bless President Trump
Squarely in front of you are all the CROOKED dishonest liars etc Trump has surrounded himself with. Now we have fallen away apostate Christianity who don't even register this, but makes EXCUSES for, setting a horrible example for the younger generation. Also no Godly man would put a con artist ADULTRESS Paula White on the WH Staff of faith based issues, not even Billy Graham. Trump says she has the "IT FACTOR" we know what Trumps meaning is there. Not a spiritual one. Can you hear Paul saying "WOW LYDIA HAS THE 'IT ' FACTOR" ..YIKES!

Paul warned of SHIPWRECKING your ministry....and those who continue to support Trump will SHIPWRECK theirs. God will not be mocked. God doesn't care how much money you have.

How To Calculate 666
Strongaxe, FACT:Arafat did go to the Vatican at the invitation of PJPII. FACT: They did sign a covenant between them concerning Israel. Just those FACTS alone is a no brainer. It goes against known Prophecy and Gods will.

I see no conspiracy theory here at all. Those who do not know scripture, and are pro PLO would.

Do Conspiracy sites "make up" garbage????Maybe some do like saying Sandy hook never happened. But those are a different kind of site.

Or do some report news worthy FACTS and report on it. And many of these sites might be right on the money. I'll bet there are conspiracy sites saying Trump is Putins puppet ....based on much of what has been coming out for a few years now.

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