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Church On Doctrines
WE (i.e. Christians) are not under the law, and yet it IS still possible to sin. ---StrongAxe

(Romans 4:15)...where there is no law, there is no transgression.

Do you still believe we can sin, where there is no Law?

Pauls meaning In (Romans 6:14-15), when reading the entire chapter.
Paul is directing this statement towards those who have died to sin...those who are no longer servants of sin (John 8:34).

They have died to sin, so they no longer serve under the Laws of omission (what we should not do) as described in (Matthew 19: 17-19), but under Grace, the Laws of Commission (what we should do) AKA, the Law of Christ.

God Bless President Trump
Obama denounced Jeremiah Wright's controversial statements. .---StrongAxe

Well yeah, but only after Jeremiah Wrights teachings were made public, it was not before. If you remember, Obama also denounced Christmas, by forbidding the government from calling it Christmas. You must admit, that was a strange action for a Christian to take.

Trump embraces Paula White and her teachings, and he put her on WH staff.---StrongAxe

News to of yesterday. And it was very disturbing...very disturbing news for me to read. Very bad judgment on his part, but then again, many Christians are follow a false doctrine.

Just because they are called our leaders, doesnt mean we have to be their followers.

Church On Doctrines
Everyone who obeys Jesus' two commandments "Love God" and "Love your neighbor" ALREADY keeps the Commandments ANYWAY, so he doesn't need to be told each one in a list.---StrongAxe

I agree with you on Sabbath keeping, but I would like to correct you of one thing many seem to overlook. And I do so not to argue, but because its important.

Sin is the transgression of the Law. (1 John 3:4) And without the Law...there can be no sin.(Romans 5:13)

Here is a simple Yes or No question, for everyone who reads it.
If Jesus did away with the Law, as most doctrines teach, wouldnt that make it impossible to sin?

God Bless President Trump
First we had a president who followed Jeremiah Wright...and now one who follows Paula White. Too scary!!

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
My guess would be to keep as pets.

How To Calculate 666
(Revelation 6: 12- Revelation 7:1) pared with (Matthew 24: 29-31) is very interesting read. In both we see the second coming of Christ, by two different writers.

What happens on the Earth after that...not good...not good at all!
Will any living person, besides those Jews sealed by God, be in the second resurrection?

How To Calculate 666
All I am saying about the Gentile believer, is that for right now, Jesus is the Christ, and they are not in search of a Christ as the Jews are. But, they will be fooled too.
How? For them....And Undeniable truth.

For the reason you mentioned. Since many look to the Jewish nation, when they proclaim their Christ, many gentile believers will believe them. He will fulfill the greatest prophecy of all the prophecies...the Prophecy of Jonah. The beast will appear to be dead, but after 3 days, he will appear to come back to life.

(Revelation 3:13) And I saw that one of his heads was, as it were, wounded to death, and.....his deadly wound was healed. And all the world wondered after the beast.

How To Calculate 666

I agree Kathrine, keeping an eye on the state of Israel is key to the end times. Though all the countries of the world will eventually accept the Anti-Christ as their king/ruler/whatever, the end will not come until the Jews accept him as their Christ.

As I have pointed out in the past, the Gentile believer has already crowned Jesus as their Christ (Matthew 12:21)...and in his name shall the gentiles trust. But since the Jews rejected Jesus as Christ, they are still waiting to crown their Christ. And when they do, when their Christ stands in the Holy Place,( in the place God designated for Jesus to stand), the end will come. (Matthew 24:15)

How To Calculate 666
Many TODAY will fall into that same thing, not rightly dividing the word of truth.---kathr4453

And thats what has created the problem, the division of Truth. The Truth, a title to which many give to whatever doctrine they may have chosen. When God sent us the Truth, through his Son, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are only allowed to show people the Truth, but we can not make them believe it. For them to break free of their false doctrines, they must seek the Truth on their own.

When they dont, the Truth you show them, becomes your Truth. And then they see it as their truth against your truth, and not their truth against Gods Truth.

How To Calculate 666
What happens when what God's Holy Spirit tells person A the exact opposite of what He tells person B?---Cluny

That is the very definition of the Anti-Christ. Not only is he opposed to Christ, but he wants us to do the opposite of what Christ commands us to do. Revenge vs Forgiveness, Hate vs Love...etc.

If you are speaking about a difference in doctrine, Satan is right in the middle of our churches trying to mislead us there as well. His works are quite visible, when you look for those teachings which teach the opposite of what Christ taught.

This is one very good reason the Bible teaches us to make our foundation on the Gospel of Christ. For in his gospel, the opposite teachings of the Anti-Christ are easily seen.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
I think what is more dangerous is to take scripture out of context to use as an excuse to break the law.

I can see both sides of these Laws. If we dont keep these Laws, it is very damaging culturally and economically. But if we do keep these Laws, how can we say, I Love My Neighbor? I can understand why people are conflicted.

Right now we are like a sinking man, who knowingly goes out in a boat full of holes. If he plugged the holes, first, he could then keep the water from getting into the Boat to begin with.

Building the wall might be a way to plug the holes, but since it had become a political issue, I figure we will all, just sit in the boat, and watch it sink.

How To Calculate 666
Bottom line, we need to listen to Gods Holy Spirit. Unfortunately many are hindered by their doctrines, not knowing how to use this gift.

One thing I learned about Gods Holy Spirit, early on, If you want to learn from men, instead of the Gift God has given you, God will allow you to remain ignorant in these man made doctrines.

The proof?
Only one way to heaven, and we have been given a choice of a thousand paths, through a thousand doctrines. Only one path can be the right path, and you will only find it by listening to Gods Holy Spirit.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
What are your thoughts about denominational churches as sanctuary churches to illegal immigrants?

In Nazi Germany it was against the Law to harbor Jews. Many Christians broke this Law. Were they right or wrong in the eyes of God?

(James 2: 15) If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled, without giving them those things which are needful to the body, what doth it profit?

How To Calculate 666
So many other verses are necessary in understanding too, like the woman who rides the beast ...etc, we are seeing right now.---kathr4453

Exactly! There are many things written in Revelation We could guess about, and many do. But there are some things the Lord gives us, I believe which are meant to be shared.

We may not always know when we hear the Truth, but we would be wise to keep it in mind should it happen.

How To Calculate 666
The beast is going to pretend to be Christ....and we should know , because we KNOW CHRIST , who any imposter would be. 666 all fall short of God, who is a 777.

I agree, folks need to understand the meaning of the Word, Anti-Christ. I see it to mean the same as Kathrine says,...Imposter.

If Jesus is to be the King of Kings, isnt that the role Satan would be seeking? I just throw this information out, information I know to be true, to etch your memory, so hopefully you can recall it, when needed.

We can argue about may things here on CN, but this information is very important to me, because it could mean Eternal salvation for those who have followed the false doctrines.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
If I was to base my choice on personality, I too would have voted for Clinton or Obama. Both seem to be men I could get to like. JW also seems to be a good fella.

Trump, no way, not by the way he portrays himself on social networking...,very immature. But then again, maybe its because politics have exposed the immaturity of many of those in politics, and it is the only way to fight back.

Both sides, make fun of the way a president looks, they attack the children, the wives and their families. I see childish immaturity, dont you?
Maybe he is fighting fire with fire?

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
No matter what source of News you listen to, the accounts will be based upon a bias. So you are only going hear what they want you to hear.
As we were all taught, Consider the source.

If they like someone, or something, you will hear the positive accounts of a story. If they dont like someone, or something, you Only hear the negative accounts.

If you liked Obama, you only listened to the good. If you hated Obama, you only listened to the bad. If you like Trump, you only listen to the good. If you hate Trump, you only listen to the Bad. The biased reporting makes them polarizing figures. Its not easy, but you must listen to both sides, if you want to form an Honest Opinion.

How To Calculate 666
It is very important to understand 666, because it points to the absolute identity of the one of whom Revelation warns us about. There has never been anyone, throughout time, who fits this description, though some were very close.

Now I dont expect you to believe what I am going to say, but I say it so that it may come to mind, if needed.
As we know, the number 6 is the number of man. Every corresponding 6 represents an authority over man.

A king, Prime Minister, or a president, for example, when calculated, would be a 66. A king of kings, according to this calculation, will be a 666. A single ruler, who will rule over everyone.

How To Get Saved
You believe a confession of sin is not required, nor is there a need to ask God to forgive you of your sin, to be forgiven of sin?---David

David where did I say that?

NO AND NO SCRIPTURE makes such a demand, not even in Israel on the day of atonement. ---kathr4453

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