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What Bible Do You Use
People, the only reason there are so many different versions that say slightly different things is because that it is extremely difficult translating the bible from its original language. there are words in the original language that we do not have a word for. making it hard to get the exact translation.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Here are a few things to consider. 1, why was your husband hiding his lunch dates with her? 2, if they are really just friends, why wont he give her up?
You say that divorce isn't an option, but the bible permits it in times of adultry

Talking To The Devil
God tells us to talk to him always and pray. God hears our every word. When you are talking to yourself, you may be talking to God. If you are worried about it, try saying outloud, " this conversation is directed to you God" or " God hear me" that way you are sure who you are talking to.

Visited By A Demon
I have had many experiences with demons. I was saved out of a life of witchcraft. I agree with many of the others that if there is sin in your life that can be an open door for an attack. Also, pray for God to show you any items in your house such as sinful movies, books, non-christian religious items. If this happens again speak the name of Jesus and speak of His redeaming blood. If the spirit renders you mute, praise the Lord with your heart and mind. This praise will weaken the spirits hold and then you can speak the name of Jesus and command the spirit to leave.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I still spank my 12 year old boy occasionally. I think that spankings are best reserved for direct disobedience, willful deviance. If he lies to me, I give 5 swats. When he keeps bad mouthing me I give him a warning or two, and then I give him two swats if we are on a time crunch. If he either of us are angry at the time I try to wait until we cool down by sending him to his room or going to my room. If he grumbles and gives me attitude after the two swats he gets two more. (I use a belt) I also take away priviledges, add chores, but I think that for my son he resents being grounded more than the spanking. Each child is different, each situation is different. I think it is good if the child is given a warning, so the choice is theirs.

Acceptable to Date A 16 Year Old
yes thats sick, look you can go to jail for that, the court won't like the excuse " everyone said it was okay" 15 is a child 20 is an adult grow up and face reality.. inless you want to be know as a lowlife, sometimes ppl will tell you to do something wrong to make themselves feel better.

I Am Divorcing This April
Please don't do it. God's word says He hates divorce. You must try to work it out. Your kids are telling you what you want to hear-they are your kids and they want to please you. You are the parent-do not put that heartbreaking, life altering decision on your children. be an adult. You are not talking about dating or not dating. you have a family. you made a commitment. you know what is right.

Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me
gal u don't have worry about that.believe me all
things work for good.if he is the right man for u u willget back together but on the other hand maybe the lord wants to get u out of trouble.Which you might realise later on as time goes on.Hang on coz he makes all things beautiful in his time.

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