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Are Infants Born Idolaters
There was this lady speaker at a revival who claims to have seen hell. The road curved in front of her house. A drunk driver missed the turn and one second she was taking a nap next second she was flying through the air. She died then was revived. She saw hell. She said she saw a lot of children, she thinks 12 years of age was the youngest she couldn't tell, she didn't see any babies

Talking To The Devil
I would take that comment personally if I were you. That sounds like someone is calling you the devil.

Husband Has Female Friend
I cant remember where it says in the bible that if someone is doing wrong confront them, if they don't listen to you confront them with 2 or 3 other people, I would use a preacher if I were you. I will put your husband in prayer that God will burden his heart on your behalf. And God make him feel ashamed and disgusted with his relationship with that other women.

Churches Help The Voters
If it is leagal and churches started doing this what message would it send to the politicians and do you think it would change their way of campaigning or how they voted on bills?

Where Is The Garden Of Eden
Despite modern technology God has the power to keep us from finding it. The story of Adam and Eve is traced back to the writings of Greeks, Syrians, Egyptions, Abyssinians, Hebrews and other ancient peoples. If Eve didn't bite the forbidden fruit we would have two kinds of people. One living with sin and one running around naked. The evil would have killed off the pure if they could reach them. In a sense it's a good thing it started off with Eve-but I don't appreciate the labor pains.

Was Steve Irwin A Christian
The question is not whether he was saved or not but was that guy right in the head? Dude he chased alligators. I can tell you one thing for sure when I die he won't be the one I'll be looking for.

Arguments For Evolution
Who was it that said Darwind denounced everything he made up about evolution on his death bed and gave his life to Christ. Was it Dr. James Kennedy and is he related to Ted?

Churches Help The Voters
churches are used as polling places.

Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
Can churches keep voter registration applications on hand. What kind of impact would it have if church leaders made sure that everyone in their congregation who is eligible to vote does their civic duty and vote?

Why Celebrate Halloween
This year I passed out handfulls of candy to each child with scripture on each and every piece. I also handed out invitations to my church to each trick or treater. You never know who is going to knock on the door and you can count on the parents to eat some too.

In Love With A Non-Christian
Marriage of a Christian to a non-Christian may well be fraught with peril. It may be at times inexpedient, unwise, or extremely dangerous spiritually. However, the Bible does not teach that it is sinful.

Struggle to Read the Bible Daily
Take a verse each day, or just praise and worship your God.You will find that God understands our needs before we tell Him.Keep fellowshiping with Him and He will make a way........

I Email Her And Get No Replies
Prayer is your first answer not your last.Commit her to the Lord and pray for her.The rest, leave her to the charge of the Almighty Father and move on.If needed by you they know where you are........

Wrong To Not Have Children
Love does not mean all should bear children.It is better to marry and not sin.People need and enjoy coming together.Children should be a blessing if both partners want them not a nessecity for life.......or to serve God

What Is The Unpardonable Sin
To sin against the Holy spirit is unforgivable. To not feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, His power,His love is to know He has gone.............

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