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Bring Back Christmas
True. We are not to be worried about pronunciation. The point to be concerned is do we walk with GOD in love of him and others.

I was watching some bluegrass music. They played an old song If you you don't love your neighbor you don't love GOD. Long title good point.

Celebrating Christmas Day
Eat with friends. Share gifts. Be grateful.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
I loved my mother. But I was also afraid of her. If I did wrong. I got either a lecture, a warning or a spanking. Few spankings. Lots of long lectures.

My Children mostly got time out and lectures. But fear of parents wrath is often healthy. It keeps you from doing dumb things.

Are Democrats Traitors
Wrong. Question. The Democrats didn't side with Iran and Iraq. They asked questions and wanted answers. It is a lie to say Democrats because they disagree with a action or policy are siding with our enemies.

When the hostage Crisis happened. All their Assets were seized. When it was over we returned their assets to them. I remember watching it on the news.

Talking To The Devil
Francis. The Republicans are not the devil. They are wrong and not doing right. But the Devil is Satan and not a human being.

As Christians we can pick a side. But we are not to use the tools of the devil to spread hate. We are to spread love even to those we disagree with. Hate and insults are used by those who are not living in love.

What Is Your Truth
Well I was not a Christian or raised in a Christian manner. My Methodist Grandmother tried.

I was an agnostic. I used to make fun of Christians and ask them questions they never tried to answer. Till I meet some Seventh day Adventist Christians. They answered my questions told me to read and trust the Bible. That was over 40 years ago. I am a Christian a member of the SDA church because what I read in the bible matches what we teach.


Greater Miracles Than Jesus
I don't think so. First we don't know how many he did.

Is Levitation Demonic
The point of miracles is to help others. Not make a person think they are great. If you bounce well you can make 5 seconds in a high jump.

Bring Back Christmas
David many anti trinity people have told be I am going to hell for worshiping a false god. So both sides have those who go overboard.

I am pro Trinity. But only GOD knows who is saved and who is lost. Those who love GOD and love others will be saved.

Celebrating Christmas Day
First we give each other gifts and work to feed hungry people. We also have some friends in trouble. We helped them.

We also work to remind people Jesus is the one we are to follow.

Pet Blood Transfusion Biblical
Sure. Why not

Interpret The Bible
We all have the right to interpret the Bible But will we always be right. That is another story. We should listen to others and consider what they say. But we are not to let others tell us what to think. That is what cult leaders do.

We are to follow Jesus.

Is The Bible God's Words
Not sure what he meant. The Bible does have history in it. But that history show us about GOD. It does have poems and other points in it.

What he could mean is that inspired men wrote the Bible. That the words are human but the thoughts are on GOD and who he is. But I cannot tell from just this phrase.

Is Time Real
Yes. Time is real. I had a past life. Now I am in this time. Hopefully I will be here tomorrow.

Celebrating Christmas Day
No. There was no mention of Jesus until Year 1. Before that it was a pagan winter feast.

So what. Now we celebrate Jesus. Amen

Are These The Last Days
I would say since we are all near death or going to die. That it is important we help hold each other up. That the devil is alive and well and trying to destroy love of GOD.

Is The Bible God's Words
So many people have said for ages. Votaire said Bible will only be in museums. The Bible is the word of GOD. It shows us the way to live with God.

God Bless President Trump
The idea of Grace the unmerited favor of GOD by which we are saved extends back to Adam. The Promise of the Messiah.

To be saved we must be forgiven of our sins. Grace is the only way we can be forgiven.

As some Scholars had stated all before the Cross were saved by faith in the coming Messiah. Now we are saved just like Abraham by faith but now we have had the living messiah.

Interpret The Bible
We will each stand before GOD. To have a single ruler decide what is right for us. That is not correct. We are responsible to GOD for our decisions.

The two basics of being a Christians are easy. You will love the Lord your GOD. You will love your neighbor. If you get some points of doctrine wrong but live for Jesus and these two points. I believe you will be in heaven. But if you live in hate. You will be lost. No matter your doctrine.

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