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Recognize The Tribulation
There has been tribulation during my entire lifetime, and I do recognize it as such. It's part of the human condition.

Seashells On Top Mountains
The Bible says that there is water above the Dome of Heaven. Our space exploration efforts have failed to discover that water.

What Is Your Truth
Quid est veritas?

Bring Back Christmas
Isn't it true that in this present age Jehovah is only saving Jehovah's Witnesses?

Bring Back Christmas
Anyone who is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses will either die in Armageddon or be destroyed in the Lake of Fire. So you might as well join the Watchtower Society if you care about your future.

Celebrating Christmas Day
Have the circuit overseers and the congregational elders given permission to Jehovah's Witnesses to post on this site?

Celebrating Christmas Day
Wedding rings are of pagan origin too. People who say that Christmas is pagan wear wedding rings.

Is Time Real
The Book of Revelation should be in the Apocrypha. It just causes no end of mischief.

Support President Trump
The president could solve all of this very easily. He could write an executive order suspending the Constitution and declaring martial law, and then send in the Army to drive all the Democrats out of Washington. He could then just rule by decree and not worry about any opposition.

Is The Bible God's Words
I agree with that statement.

Is New Age The Antichrist
I absolutely agree that nobody will come to the father except through Christ Jesus.

Are These The Last Days
The problem with that is that humans have been on the earth for tens of thousands of years. So the 7000th year has long passed.

Building Of The Ark
I personally believe that the story of Noah's Ark is a myth and a metaphor.

Salvation In The Church
From what I've been able to observe, it's Protestants who take communion. Other Christians receive it.

Building Of The Ark
The story of Noah's Ark is a myth and a metaphor.

Is New Age The Antichrist
Since God hates all these Antichrist people, we are also obliged to hate them, I suppose. Christianity seems to be filled with hatred.

Salvation In The Church
When the people who are running the church are doing bad things, it's really hard to stay there and good conscience.

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