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I Married A Non-Christian
All who point out the problems with marrying non-believers are incredibly unhelpful. I am in your situation and live with the consequences of my choices every day. I don't need anyone to rub that in my face. I need encouragement to do what's right now not to be condemed for something I can't undo. I barely ever ask some Christians for help because the weight of their finger pointing judgement is heavier then the love of Christ in their heart.

God Told Me Who To Marry
I believe God will tell you who to marry, because the scripture talks about being led of the spirit, and if we are led of the Holy Spirit we will not go wrong. Because we are fleshly beings, our flesh has a way of speaking and because we desire something so strongly we sometimes become confused and believe in what we feel even though it may be wrong for us. Maybe what you are experiencing is a falling away on your mates part. We all have a will to do so don't be in doubt about whether God spoke to you, just keep moving in the power of God and he will work things out. Don't try to fix it.

Degree Needed To Preach
Catfood: Homemade cat food sounds yummy. Can you give me some recipes? My owner buys Friskies, and my favorite flavor is the beef and liver combination. Mmmm. Is it good?

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