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Is Salvation A Process
Regeneration is an instantaneous event. Conversion is a process which takes time. Visit to discover the truth.

My Husband Won't Tithe
If what you say is true, then he is not a christian. That's not to say he is not a child of God, but a christian is Christ-Like. It further sounds like he is walking the broad path which most children of God walk. Tithing is not a requirement in NT teachings. Most importantly, nothing should be done grievingly. What a person does must be done out of love for God or else it is worthless. He needs to find that love again and get back on the strait path. Visit more more info.

Once Saved Always Saved
The sins of God's people were redeemed by Christ, once for all. They are regenerated by God at the time appointed. Our eternal salvation is permenant. Our present salvation is dependant upon our obedience. We can take hold of it, or loose it, by our actions. Visit for the truth.

Church Under 10 Commandments
Christ does not want anyone under the bondage of the commandments. When a person obeys the commandments out of love for God, it is not burdensome. Seek the Holy Spirit and you will be set free from bondage. Visit for the true teaching.

How To Be Saved
To be eternally saved you must do NOTHING! It is by Grace alone. To take hold of that salvation you must be an obedeint child of God. See Ephesians 1. Our inheritance is obtained by Christ. We then take hold of the earnest of that inheritance by belief and trust which is obedeince. Visit for more info.

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