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Are C-Sections Biblical
No that is not true. Having a c-section is very painful. It takes a long time to heal. So with a c-section you still suffer pains. God blessed us with medicine. He wants us to be safe. God takes care of us. God wrote the story of our lives. Many woman have emergency c-sections. God chooses for them women to be safe. You are still a woman who loves her children. I would have been offended at this. Does your Christian-in-law not want you to be taken care of? They were being judgemental which is a no no. Only God is the true judge.

What If Big Bang Is True
If the big bang happened. And a bunch of stuff got thrown together too create the world. Why would it be so hard to believe God did that? I belive science is only the founding of what God has done. For example, where did the gases,molecules and atoms etc that came togther to creat the big bang come from? Did they just show up or were they created? They were created by God. So I will always believe in God. I know the ingredients of a bowl of soup. All mixed together. But just because I know the ingredients for soup doesn't mean anything. If I came home and a bowl of soup was sitting on my table. I know someone put it there. So what I am saying is, just because we know what the Earth consists of does not mean it wasn't created.

Did Adam And Eve Incest
The Bible just gives us some things. Not everything is described. The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) is just basic instructions. So we know that Adam and Eve were the first people. Then they had two sons. But that story can't continually go in depth. It would be never ending. People are born every day. So we know that God created Adam and Eve easily. So couldn't it be possible that he created more people for the children of them as partners. Well one son got killed. So maybe a partner was made for the other son. And so on and so forth. The main reason for you to know this story is to know about the first people, where we started and original sin. It does not go into more detail from there.

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