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Where Are Scriptures About Smoking
The reason that we do not smoke is because God commands us not to defile his temple. If your body is the temple, then you have no right to defile with anything. This does not automatically mean you will receive hell though, because we are also taught that it is not what goes in but what comes out that defiles a man.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
The bible teaches us 1 Timothy 2:8 through most of chapter 3 that pastoring should be done by a man. There are female prophetesses in the bible, evangelists, etc.., but their is never any mention of a woman leading the church. Paul actually goes as far to say that he would not even "suffer" through a woman teaching over a man. This does not mean that a woman should be Lorded over. It simply means that God has chosen man to be over the woman. He created Adam, and then created Eve as the help mate. It is a 51/49 proposition. God has given the man just enough authority, that if we cannot agree on something, the man can say the final word. This is simply where God has placed us.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Hi, my name is Devin Gardner and I go to bible college in Idaho. I was surfing the internet and found your blog. I truly doubt that God is trying to send your church a message, and I don't believe you need to do anything different. There are so few in the ministry today. Every year, my college gets phone calls asking for a pastor, but my Christian Education professor has to tell them there are no graduates that don't have a job. Christian ministers are being stretched very thin. I just wanted to encourage you to not think your Father is punishing you, or think you're doing something wrong and need to change. Just keep praying. My church waited for three years until we found our next pastor. Just wait, pray, and search the Scriptures.

How Do I Live A Holy Life
I think that to live a Holy life, all you need to do is focus on God when your mind starts to wander, especially when you first wake up. Focus on God as much as possible and I believe he will guide you.

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