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Satan Is The Father Of Lies
LIE1: That Jesus Christ died for the "whole world" and yet multitudes are already in Hades and multitudes to come. If Jesus did die for the "whole world", then everybody should be in Paradise. After all, Jesus Christ is God, right? Isn't God Almighty? So, what god are these people preaching? Answer: A god of their vain imagination direct from their father of lies.

LIE2: That one has to choose Christ by using their "free-will" in order to be saved. Christ contradicted these liars, "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day." John 6:44. So what "free-will" are they talking about?

My Child Needs A Father
When people ask a question, they are looking for a response - not a sermon of how they should have done this, and how they are a sinner, etc. Seriously, I think this person knows it was sin and she's wondering what in the world to do NOW. She's not asking what she SHOULD have done, but what now. So, approach your answers with humility please.

Is Scott Roeder A Hero
I don't think he's a hero and don't agree with what he did. I think both he and Tiller will be judged for what they've done. However, this case highlights to me how sick and schizophrenic our sense of values and right and wrong have become in this country. If Dr. Tiller was going to go kill some two year old come Mon morning, and Roeder had shot him to prevent it, would the dialogue be different? What's more do you think his defense of justification would have been rejected? This is a story of two murderers, but most people think it's a story of one.

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