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Different Religions Dating
I definitely think it's a problem. The bible says that we are to be equally yoked with our spouse, so if we are of different faiths or denominations, we are not following the bible. On top of that it can just cause problems with decision making in the relationship.

Cain And Abel Wifes
They had to have married their sisters, because there is no record of anyone else. It was okay back then, because their DNA was absolutely perfect, and they could inbreed without any problems.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
As an ordained woman minister who has served under many pastoring couples, this is not an uncommon problem. Being a pastor's wife is a very difficult position, even more-so for a woman of strong personality and will. This is a battle that will be won only on your knees and with your heart as you love your Pastor's wife with His Love. She is reacting out of her own SPIRITUAL weaknesses and inward battles. And remember, this is not a battle of flesh and blood............we are in the last days.

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
It is a sickening thought to endure that Christian parents feel that they have a right to spank a child or worse spank them bare bottom. I am a Christian and wont subject my kids to that nor do we have a relationship with my parents due to their abuive punishments as are similar to this.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Thank you for all of the advice and prayers everybody. I will consult the bible, but I will also listen to the many priests that have led me in the right direction all of my life. The bible is open to many interpretations and the priests at my congregation give it deeper meaning and depth, to me anyways. Thank you everybody and God bless.

Dress Code For Christian Women
I will do what the church tells me to do. I had always enjoyed dressing nicely, nicely but not anything scandelous or improper. It was shocking to know that even that was not enough.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Just to clarify, my last post is just an example of rules set by the leaders of my faith, the people whom I am to trust and obey. I just don't understand why they would say such things. My congregation just passed a dress code, and it feels like oppression. I feel that even if I am covered that men's minds will still wander, and sin had not been prevented. It is human nature to be attracted to the opposite sex, we cannot help it, we cannot dull it. The elder leaders have taken this too far.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Acta Apostolicae Sedis:III. Parents should also prevent their daughters from taking part in public drills and athletic contests. If the girls are obliged to take part in them, the parents must see to it that they wear a costume that is entirely modest, and must never permit them to appear in immodest dress.

Let those who are going to receive Holy Communion be decently dressed. Women whose heads are not covered and who are improperly dressed are to be excluded from the Sacrament.Canons855,262,par.2

I Fell In Love 8 Months Ago
You are precious in God's sight. He knows your need, desires and wants.God wants you to have the best from Him. Don't be in a hurry but wait upon the Lord. He will direct your path straight as you seek Him first in your life. Setting a person free is just a good thing to do.No feeling guilty nor forced. Trust God He has His best prepared for you. Just wait.

Once Saved Always Saved
God loves sinner but He hates sin. Yes forgiveness is granted to us through Christ death on the cross prior to our acceptance of that grace.Jn.1:12,1 Jn.3:8-9, we must accept & believe God's gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and live a renewed life.2 Cor.5:17. That is why Paul said, " work out your salvation with fear and trembling" Now that you are saved keep your life free from sin.

Husband Removed Me
A few mos. after I left him I found a p/t job at a Christian ministry. I love being part of what God is doing in lives through this ministry. This makes him very angry & now he makes the job the issue. I went home after 4 mos-he continuously badgered me to quit my job. He wouldn't talk to me for days/wks except some angry outbursts. Then he locked me out of our BR & made me move downstairs. 1 day he was totally out of control/throwing things/swearing at me/demanding that I leave--very scary, so I left.

Moderator - Is he bipolar or does he have some other medical condition?

Husband Removed Me
Basically the counselors told me that he is verbally and emotionally abusive. Most said that he needs to get help for his issues (anger, control, unforgiveness)individually before they could do marriage counseling with the 2 of us. The 1st time I left I went to the police b/c he was so angry & out of control that I was afraid. The police escorted me back to the house so that I could get some things & I stayed away for 4 mos.

Moderator - Did the counselors give you any advice in how to keep your marriage together or did they tell you just stick in their according to your ability or just divorce?

Husband Removed Me
I was very young when we married, he is 11 years older & comes from another culture. His strong personality was very appealing at the beginning. Now I can see that the control & anger were there early on but has definitely escalated-especially over the past several years. I've asked him to go to counseling for years & finally over the past 1 1/2 yrs he went w/me to 5 different counselors. He quit each time after 2-3 sessions saying that the counselor was lousy.

Moderator - What did the counselors say or recommend to you after he left each time? How did he force you out of the house?

Husband Removed Me
I never hit him/swore at him/etc. He does have his own business-I helped him over the yrs, but he never felt I did enough. He does everything himself-acctg/ property mgmt/repairs/legal/etc. He's always buying more but won't get help (we can easily afford it) We did have a lot of conflict over it.

Moderator - Hannah, please refer back to my previous questions and answer them. Thanks. Also please respond to this blog, don't open up a new blog each time to answer the question. It causes me to either delete the post or copy it over.

Husband Removed Me
Thanks to all for your comments,concern & prayers. My husband & his family don't talk-they're all angry with each other and yrs have gone by w/o any contact. He doesn't have friends-we had 3 couples that we called friends, but he's mad at them now & is mad at me b/c I've remained friends w/them.

Moderator - Why is he mad at everyone? Has it been this way your whole marriage? If so, why did you marry him? If not, why do you think he changed?

Husband Removed Me
It was asked why he is angry at me/what did I do? I was always faithful & tried to love/respect him. I got saved a year after we got married-he says he was saved as a child, but there is no fruit evident. He claims that I put everybody else before him & I ruined our marriage by talking to other people. He got mad when I talked on the phone, saw family/friends, went to Bible study, was on worship team, cooked a meal for a needy person,etc. I finally stopped doing those things, but the anger didn't stop.

Moderator - If you stopped those things, then what was he mad about?

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