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Blessed During Separation
Not sure that I felt more blessed, but life has been immeasurably better since my husband left us. He simply walked out 10 1/2 months ago.

Biblical Stand On Divorce
M.A. -- I believe there is another biblical reason for divorce. It is abandonement. Scripture says that if the unbeliever leaves the believer, the believer is no longer bound (I am paraphrasing). This is the situation I am currently in. My spouse left me 9 months ago (he is not a believer and I am one). I have struggled with the decision of divorce, but now I believe I will be forgiven.

Divorce Husband Over Church
Mary: I too was in a VERY similar situation. There were differences though. My husband was cruel to me and finally told me that he hadn't loved me in a long time. I stayed with him though to stand true to my vows.

Long story short, he up and walked out on me 9 months ago. HE (a non-believer) left ME (a believer), so I now have grounds for divorce.

No Anthority Over A Man
So what is a woman to do if her husband doesn't provide food, clothing, shelter or ANYTHING? Is she to sit back so as not to step on the man's toes? I was forced into a position that I did not want (i.e. leader of the household) when my husband (after not supporting us AT ALL) walked out on me. I would watch the phrases "most women" or "usually" when discussing Christian women's behavior.

Husband Will Not Provide
Barba: Hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it? I think this lady needs our support, prayers and possibly advice rather than our admonishment and telling her she should have known better. I too am in a similar situation. I knew my husband had debts, but did not know he was a spendaholic!

How Married To A Non-Believer
Deborah: Thank you for your kind words. I had felt so torn about this. I felt I had to try everything I could to save the marriage anyway. I prayed, we talked (more like argued), I suggested counseling (he said no) and finally he said he just wants a dissolution because he has not loved me in a long time. It is hard to hear. He has since said maybe we should go to counseling, but he has also moved 2 hours away....

How Married To A Non-Believer
Linda: You say the only reason for divorce is adultery, but what if the unbelieving spouse leaves the believer? I am currently in that situation (6 months now) and feel that divorce is biblically "OK" in my situation.

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
WIVV: I do not read the same as you in regards who can file for divorce. The bible does say that I am no longer bound when the unbeliever leaves (and he left 4 months ago).

Pat: I truly, totally thought my husband was a Christian when we married. I wouldn't even date anyone who wasn't a Christian! He attended church with me. He knew the bible (better than I!). He showed true emotion at church. But something changed and now it seems it was all an act.

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
That is what I thought too. But then there is the question of ... what if when I bring up divorce or dissolution, he decides to move back in? Must I allow him to do that knowing full well nothing will change with his refusal to get help for our marriage?

What scares me the most is that I feel I am allowing myself to be dragged down and away from the Lord. I want to help my husband find God, but feel his negativity hurts me in my own walk with the Lord.

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