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What's Up For June
Johnny, I will pray for restoration for your friendship.
The blogs are a direct reflection of what's going on in the world. Whenever there's warfare in the world, there's warfare in the Church. The natural affects the spiritual and viceversa. We war with our families, friends, brothers/sisters in Christ. When we're done kicking each other, we want to kick ourselves in the rear. I'll pray, Johnny.

What's Up For June
To the former bloggers that have fallen off the grid:
Don't let the blog hogs get you down.
Don't let the old blogs get you down.
Don't let any change in format get you down.
Don't let the rudeness upset the apple cart.
It's doubtful that the rude dudes will become any less obnoxious.
So jump back in while the gettin' is good.
The oldies but goodies are missing from the blogs.

What's Up For June
To the goodies, what in the world are you doing? Summertime, I guess. Watering your lawns, drinking ice tea.
Wish you would all come back, it would be great to see your smiling faces and hear your points of view.

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