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What Is The Meaning Of Life
Hello, By meaning, you mean purpose? If so I believe that your question only has an individual answer. Only you can say what your purpose is. Some choose to serve God as a purpose in life and some find work is their purpose. Some go through life without meaning, they only live day by day relying on fate (not faith).
If your are asking, why we were created? Then only God knows that answer, which is ok because he is the master and somethings is not for us to know.

Adding To The Bible
We tend to forget that the bible isn't the gospel. The bible is a tool made up of several differant books by differant authors inspired by God. In those pages we find the gospel, which is the word of God. The bible was translated in the early 1600s and was writen in the literature of that era. You know the word - demon - is not in the KJV bible? So you can change the words, but not the meaning. The gospel is complete, and can not be changed, misunderstood, but not changed. That's why Christ said to build a strong foundation. That way we have the blocks to build on and suport what we believe in.

Why Do I Pray
Hi, I believe that you missunderstand God's will. God gave us free will that we have control of and God does'nt force us to come to him. You have to understand that God does not send you to hell, but it is you and your iniquity (willfull sin) that puts you there. Prayer is the way you talk with God in your relationship with him. I wish I had more time to go into it with you, but study God, and as you mature, you'll get to know his will.

Dungeons Dragons Demons
Hi, to me it is just a game. Mathew 15,11 Christ said "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man, but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man" which means that it's not what you take in but how you act or react to thing thats in front of you. Play the game as a christian and it may give you some insite on how to live life. Higher levels of the game show growth. Mature as a person in life to be a good servent for God.

Married To A Drunk Pastor
First, I am sorry for what you're going through. You can ask God for yourself. Listen and he will answer you. If it is in your heart to help and stay with him, you must get him to realize for him self. I believe that any addiction is a sign of a demon that control that body. Together you can take control over that spirit. If He isn't willing, and is leading you in the wrong path in life, then I believe that God will understand. Trust in God and may God bless.

Should Christians Drink Beer
Hello, I think alcohol is a better word. We all know that Christ turned water into wine at a wedding and it was said that they had saved the best for last. Genesis 9:20 tells about Noah drunk on wine. That didn't keep him from entering into Heaven. Mark 14:25 shows that Christ did drink wine, and we all know that Christ never sinned. However if you believe it to be a sin then don't do it. I believe that drinking alcohol will not keep us from entering the gates of Heaven. It is not our sins that we are judged, for our sin will be forgiven. I believe that it is the spirit in which we do the drugs. When a devil takes controll and drugs become an addiction no matter if it is alcohol, crack, pills or even chocolate cake.

Is The Soul Immortal
Joseph & Ryan: Thanx! Ramon seems very well read, but we need to pray for more spiritual discernment and less doctrine. If he is correct we should read "fear him which is able to lose both body and soul in hell" Not a very accurate synonym in my opinion.

Condition Of Adam's Offspring
I think the question is very thought provoking. Haven't you ever wondered where all the peoples of the earth came from. They were told to "fill the earth" It may not be in the bible since it is not relevant to God's plan of salvation for man, but it is fun to consider.

Demons Invade Christians
Proper exorcism procedure: Bind the demon. Demand he identify himself and if there are more. Call him out of the person and cast him into the pit. Each step in jesus name. The pit is tartarus, hell for the fallen angels.

Condition Of Adam's Offspring
Ryan, Are you referring to Gen 1:28 when he told Adam and Eve (prior to the fall of man) to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth? Interesting question. I believe Helen answered hastily.

What Is Hell
The moderator is correct. You are uninformed. A study of hell would reveal the three. Hades or Sheol, the grave of all who sleep. Gehenna, the lake of fire and Tartarus, the place for the fallen angels. Only Hades or Sheol and Tartarus currently exist.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
Slain in the spirit and talking in tongues are not scriptural. This movement was started by a Methodist minister, Charles Parkham in the early twentieth century. No where in the bible do you see falling backwards and incoherent speech from God. Worship was always orderly and done on the knees facing forward. This is all about the flesh and self.

Is The Soul Immortal
To answer this question is "fear not them who can destroy the body... but fear him who can destroy both body and soul in hell (Gehena). The word for destroy is apollumi, to destroy completely. Ecc 9:1-9 says the righteous and unrighteous have no knowledge of the world, but will sleep until the judgement. Sleep means the grave, hades or sheol, not the lake of fire, gehenna. So the soma (body)and the soul (psyche)return to the earth and sleep while the spirit (phneuma) returns to God.

Is Eternal Punishment Biblical
Matt 10:28 answers the question. ..fear not them which kill the body...fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell (Gehenna) the lake of fire. Grk for destroy is apollumi, to destroy completely.
God will not torment those who do not become diciples of Christ, he will destroy them.

What Is The Age Of Accountability
Ryan is correct. I have heard many sermons on the fate of children and never do I hear 1 Cor 7:14 quoted. Why? Fear of the true sovereignty of God. I would ask an explaination of "otherwise" in the scripture if not to denote an alternative state of being. Sanctified or unclean?

Demons Invade Christians
You are correct. I have participated in many exorcisms. The world of demons and God is a metaphysical world. In Job we know that satan had access to the throne room of God. Satan was in the garden of Eden. Christians are at great risk if they focus on the flesh, satan's relm.

No Money To Tithe
A simple study of tithing would reveal it was a civil law designed to provide necessities to the tribe of Levi since they did not have the land to provide for themselves after they had arrived in the promised land. The tithe was from the other nine tribes and was of the excess of the seed of the earth, the fruit of the tree, the flock and the herd. Since Jesus was a carpenter, what would he have tithed? Every tenth chair. The tithe was never money.

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