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Once Saved Always Saved
Have you ever noticed, where there is the greatest spiritual error - you'll find the greastest controversy.
Go ahead and eat of this tree, surely you won't die.
That's right jody, work out our salvation with fear and trembling. OSAS is a lie.
mark is deceiving many. But I'm so bored with all of her responses, she's lulling everyone to sleep. The devil likes that, too.

What Is A Rosary
Catholics did not miss that part of the Bible. That is why those who are living are asked "to pray for us" to God, to Jesus, our mediator and Savior, to the Holy Spirit to the Holy Trinity. Therefore, we are not praying to the dead. I believe that those who have gone before me, alive in Christ are ALIVE in heaven, not dead and I ask them to pray FOR me To the Lord.I hope that helps you understand what is believed. Note the words 'TO' and 'FOR'.

Do I Marry My Boyfriend
I'm curious. Why seek outside advice? Is it that you know the answer but don't like it? If you've been going out with this person for two years, you know a lot about him. What is it about him that you are uncertain about? First and foremost, is he a believer? Does he love the Lord and seek the Lord's way? Does he love you and cherish you? It is important that he loves your children, but they are number three on the list. Have you prayed about it? What do you believe the Lord is telling you?Cecilia

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