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I Am Having Visions
We are seeing God poor out his spirit on many young people. We are close to the trupet sound. If you need help interpeting your vison or dreams let me know.

Are Churches Social Services
I hear in college and from social agencies what they are trying to do. It's pathetic. They are like a hospital at the bottom of a cliff that people keep falling off of. Rather than build a fence at the top of the cliff they build a hospital at the bottom. Christians know the truth yet few churches take care of the social problems and miss the opportunity to witness, it is left to humanist social organizations, the blind leading the blind.

Christian Flag Pledge Allegiance
You want to wait in line for medical services? The poor get richer, that's where the rich come from. I started out poor out of high school but eventually owned a house and 20 acres, I'm back to nothing but I do not need you or my government to hand me anything. Created equal does not mean every one is the same. Some are smarter than others. Some are leaders. But we have equal protection under the law regardless of those abilities. The poor get rich by working, not by socialists re-distributing wealth.

Why Watch DiVinci Code Movie
The book and the movie are fiction accounts that add just a little truth that can cause many people to ask questions. Here is a group
that has done a good job in answering the many questions that have been raised. If a fictional work bugs you then I challenge you to seek the answers to the questions you have, then you might help others to seek the truth. You don't have to condem or defend, just seek the truth ... it will set you free!

Did Jesus Build Crosses For Pay
Wayne, I see you have watched the Passion by Mel Gibson. Many things we see in movies, books, opinions are to add something more to the movie, book or persons opinion. The only true source is God's Word to us. This was never mentioned in His Word and where Jesus grew up and practiced his trade there would have been no reason to build the cross bar for the cross. Many good answers here but that part of the movie was not based on Scripture, just a person's opinion that made it's way into the Passion movie.

Three Secrets of Mary At Fatima
I was a catholic at one time, and went to parochial school. All I heard in catholic school was this fatima thing. When I was a child I almost believed it, but now that have become born again I know better. It's against all scripture.

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