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Capitalism Or Socialism
socialism, capitolism, or comunism etc. it does not mateer in the case of a believer because we belong to a theocratic government. That is we are governed by God and his word and we are to apply his to our lives here on earth regardless of what earthly government we find ourselves under

USA Federal Government
fist let me say that the gov't was not created by the people, neither was it created for the poeple. It was created and established by God period and for his purposes.Every gov't employee from the president on down are his servant and WILL be dealt with by God for how they perfom their duties. Romans 13:1-8

Church Furniture Grows Church
furniture does not grow a church but the word of God does through proper preaching and teaching. The furniture whether chairs and anyother kind of furniture is for the body of Christ to use.

Is Overspending A Sin
over spending is a sin without question but it reavels greed and selfishness and irresponsibility. Jesus himself spoke parables about the unwise use of finances. Remember the parable about the talents in the gospel of Matthew.

Who Inherits Eternal Life
listen do not make complications for the people of God or those who God is drawing to his son Jesus Christ. God says what he means and means what he says period. Understanding the hebrew and greek is very important but let us careful here. jesus told us in john 3:16 who will inherit eternal life. anything taught or preached other than this is a lie and is not true doctrine.

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