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Can Religion Save Me
REligion is a naughty word. Religion cannot save you. Read Romans 10:9

Can Women Propose To Men
Alan, by close I did not mean that he and I had anything physical going. We are just really good friends who have been there for each other thru thick and thin, and confide in each other.
But when it comes to expressing interest in each other, I've been the one hinting more than he does and maybe he does get the hints. At times I get the feeling he hints too, but it's too subtle to tell.

Can Women Propose To Men
//Suggest you go the the theatre or just for a meal. Then once you've got to know each other, he may well propose to you. --Alan8586 of UK //

Not sure if you got me right Alan, but he and I have been very close friends for 5 yrs now and there's nothing new we need to know bout each other.

Cluny, I guess I need to prepare myself for the possibility of him saying no, if I do decide to make the move and propose. Will have to think about that and how I'd handle that..Thanks.

Can Women Propose To Men
I don't understand why the people on here are so harsh about everything. All I wanted to know was whether or not it is ok for a girl to propose to a man. If I knew the answer I wouldnt have posted the question in the first place! So y not just answer that or not even bother responding?!
I have at several instances got the impression that he's interested too, but has never made a move and given that we're really close and know each other real well, all i wanna know is if it's ok for me to ask him!

Can Women Propose To Men
Thank u Bill_billa 4 ur scriptural response. For those who've Qs bout how wel i know him, we've been very close friends for 5yrs. He's always been der wen i'm in need. I like him very much but am afraid to propose for fear of losing de great friendship v share in case he says no to me. He's 4m another denomination den me but der r very minor differences.

Faithful Christians Are Attacked
God bless you all. The Holy Spirit certainly dwells in your hearts and your words of faith are uplifting. I have just finished having one of many conversations with my husband about trusting in God and having courage to use our measure of faith to let God steer us through our difficult time. We thank you and hope we may provide the same hope when and if you need it.

"Now they know that everything you have given me comes from you. For I gave them the words that you gave me and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me. I pray for them." (John 16:7)

Praying For A Good Wife
God has taught me many things in my time of waiting for love. The biggest lesson is that I need to take my fulfillment in Him, not my future spouse. Psalms 37 :4 says to "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart". Understand that it means that when we seek God for fulfillment our desires align with His will for our lives. Committ this desire to God and seek Him for your fulfillment, whether you ever get married or not you will have a joyful and fulfilled life.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Met with our marital therapist alone. Husband couldnt make it. He said once a woman loses all trust...and I have...marriage is usually over. Dont think I will ever be able to trust him again, so cant give myself to him wholly as a wife should. Dont think I can ever love him the way God wants a wife to love and respect her husband. So sad for both of us.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Trying to figure out why even though I know things will never be different, why I so badly want to believe him when he says now he is ready to be 100% committed and accountable. Why do I keep falling for the hook, what keeps me from letting go?? Yes, the kids but know relationship isn't good for them either. So confused all the time.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Husband of 11 years left 2 wks after 10th anniversary. God answering prayers for clarity. Discovering, at best, husband has narc. tendencies. Feel overwhelmed but comforting to know Im not alone in what Ive experienced. Unsure how to proceed but seeking God's plan for me/two young children. Hes been saying he wants make it work for last few months but still dishonest and done nothing to show accountability. Feel hopeless but no courage/confidence to finally say "can't try anymore".

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