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I Am Having Visions
Ok after veiwing some responses i decided to share my question with you guys. First off i am 16 years old and i just found god last was an experience like no other, im so thankful for being saved from my old ways... But a few times i have recieved breif visions that i can only asume are frome god because they stand out sooo muchh... Help?

The Feast Of Tabernacles
God instituted feast of tabernacles to commemorate the fact that the people of Israel lodged in tents during their journey from Egypt to Canaan. Leviticus 23 vs 33-43, Deuteronomy 31 vs 10-13, Christ celebrated it as an example for us, John 7 vs 1-3, 10, 14-17, 37-38, chapter 13 vs 15.
Some people feel the feast is only for the natural Jews, but the bible says we also(Christians) are spiritual Jews, Romans 2 vs 28,29, 9 vs 6-8, Galatians 3 vs 7-9, 6 vs 16. Moreover, there is a prophetic injunction for all of mankind to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in this last days, Zachariah 14 vs 16-19

Divorce My Muslim Husband
I think whichever way you got involved, the time has come to stick to your divorce. He has cheated on you and as such broke the marriage covenant. You need to sever your emotional ties with this man to be totally free. Confess any sin you have committed in this issue cry out and start afresh. Change your E-mail and move elsewhere once the divorce is through and start a new life in Christ. Light and darkness cannot exist together. Pastor Elijah

Obeying The Law Of God
Chaos reigns anywhere there is no law. the practice of love must be carried out within the universal framework of the law of love and liberty - the 10 commandments. anything beyond those very expansive guidelines is sin.

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