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Once Saved Always Saved
duane, you are in the absolute of da nile. You are not forgiven for the rest of your life for any and every thing you plan on doing.
duane, that one goes right on down the dwain.

Should We Consider UFOs
Dispersal period.
Immediately after emerging, young adults instinctively head away from water and fly off into the surrounding countryside. The dispersal period, which lasts from a few days to two or three weeks, is important in two ways. It has probably accounted for the survival of the Order Odonata. Secondly, it is the period during which the newly emerged insects attain full coloration and sexual maturity: they will not make their way to water until they are ready to mate..

Should We Consider UFOs
Dragonflies of the Florida Peninsula, Bermuda and the Bahamas (1989) and Damselflies of the Florida Peninsula, Bermuda and the Bahamas (1990).(Sid Dunkle)

Should We Consider UFOs
These fall migrations occur over a longer period of time than the spring migration and usually don't start until the water has cooled considerably.
Cynthia, hop on your computer and research your island, you can learn about hatching, migration of insects, and science.

Should We Consider UFOs
Yes, Cynthia, but insects, creatures, plants, have a clock. We can't be looking behind every bush for a dramatic end of life as we know it. God is Up. He's winding up the big clock. Only God knows what time it is and what's really up.

Should We Consider UFOs
Yes, Cynthia, it's called springtime.

Donate Clothes To Charity
Would it be more pleasing to throw all of it in the garbage dumpster? I don't think so.

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