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God Does Not Forgive
God doesn't chose not to forgive his people, we chose not to let him. Adam and Eve had been warned not to eat the fruit, same as Noah had warned the world about the flood. No one wanted God's love and one of the things he gave us is freewill. He won't force himself on any of us and where it hurts him when we tell him we don't care, he'll let us go our own path. The people during Noah's time weren't killed because God forced water down their throats but because they wouldn't let God take them to the boat.

Why Are Christians Fat
Some Christians are fat and some athiests are likewise. Again some Christians are skinny as a twig and so are Muslims. I myself am a Christian, I'm 5 feet tall and am 108 lbs. My youth group leader is HUGE but my pastor is very fit. It's all about who you are really. Pleantly of people are thin, others maybe not quite so much. I think the sin is putting 'food' as the ruler of your life rather than Jesus. Sort of like money. Money is not evil but it's the "Root to all evil."

Should Christians Tithe
God says to give %10 of what you have. Seeing as he's given you %100 of what you have I'd say you can give him what he asks for without complaining. It's not really a burden... look at it as a friend gave you some money and you're paying him back. Really, that's what it is.

I Strayed Away From God
Don't give up!! Pray to God for guidence and don't get discuraged if you don't hear anything. He's still there. Pray whenever you can, they can be quick prayers or really long. It's the action that's important. What you're trying to do is strengthen a relationship with your creator and with any friend you can't get strong together without hard times and you have to keep the conversation going! So don't give up. Read your bible and keep praying. Join a bible study group and go to church. It'll help.

We All Should Be Vegetarians
In the New Testament there is a passage when Peter was sleeping on a rooftop and God sent him a vision of a white sheet inwhich were animals which we considered 'unclean.' God said to eat them and when Peter pointed out their uncleaness God said it was alright. If your daughter doesn't feel good about eating those cute little piggies then fine, but there's nothing wrong with eating them.

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Cutting, instead of painful as you would imagine is an escape from the problems we're facing. We can't avoid all pain so we choose it rather than taking what we're given. Sometimes we have an empty feeling like loneliness and it's like our souls are being starved. Cutting proves we're still feeling and breathing. We ourselves don't fully understand it; I've cut for ages and the only reason I understand is "I want to." Pray for her but forcing her to stop won't work, she'll find another way.

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