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Don't Keep Ten Commandments
I'm not sure why Christians do this exactly but it happens and has been for a long time and Jesus has definitely addressed it so if you r a Christian love God and obey His Word("before removing the speck in someone else's eye remove the log in your own") so just pray for that person as well as yourself making sure u are obeying..just forget it and be righteous in the end all will bevrevealed

Who Can Forgive Sins
obviously God wants us to forgive those who SIN AGAINST we cannot "forgive others' sins" meaning that forgiveness gives them passage into the kingdom of heaven...when you r referring to the forgiveness of your sins (and entering the kingdom..) that was done by Jesus' mission of being our Savior and sacrificing his life for us. The Spirit within him is in those who believe and should represent Him accurately. If you sin as a believer repent/ pray to God the Father through The not call any man 'Father' and confess your sins to them.

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