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Created Souls To Be Doomed
God didnt create everything as some science experiment to see what would happen. God knows the outcome of everything. We dont. God only allows for things to happen to show us why. To show us that we had the choice and we chose wrong. God could have condemned people he knew were going to reject salvation without even giving them a chance. But instead he let it be clear that he didnt create unbelievers and believers. He created people that choose their beliefs.

God Does Not Forgive
that would be why he sent down Jesus to wash away our sins which he didnt have to do because he is perfect. Being imperfect beings we have no right nor place to pass judgement and condemn another person for a fault. Because this would be very hypercitical on our part. But as for God, he has the right and power to do any of the above. By the way if you didnt understand the 1st sentence, GOD DOES FORGIVE

Can Females Wear Pants
Wow this blog angered me greatly. I dont know about pants in a whole being a sin but jeans...yeah...Jeans are somewhat a symbol of hard labor and were introduced during the california gold rush. Intently for MEN gold miners. Any response about how there are woman and men jeans I will completely ignore because ignorant statements such as that should be neglected. Women jeans sole purpose is to make the "wearer" look like a tom-boy... Sorry, but no, just no.

Founded On Christian Principles
everytime Ive heard that, they meant that our laws and precedental actions were originaly inspired by Christian and Jewish beliefs. But presently it would seem as though our choices are inspired by Satan.

The Speed Of Light
I am the original blog creator.Thank you all. I understand now. In fact I am a believer, I only worded the question as though I was an athiest so I could get more statistical responses. So I have an answer for an athiest friend of mine. Because recently we have been consulting topics such as this one

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
erm lee, I wasn't trying to prove Jesus a wine bibber. I was just trying to give an example of how drinking wine isn't a sin. like I said, I really didn't bother reading all the replies '>.>...Was the question dropped and replaced with whether or not getting drunk is a sin?

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Aw cool! I just read something out the bible about this, sorry if someone else already used this verse (I didn`t read all the replies)

1 Timothy 5:23 (Paul is instructing Timothy):Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses

Does The Bible Contradict Itself
oh, ok I see...

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