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Who Are You Voting For
Strongest...i did not say who I was voting for.

Who Are You Voting For
Shocked that kath would vote for a man who believes that Jesus and Lucifer are spiritual brothers and whose religion baptized for the dead.

Diamond Stones Disappeared
Some false teacher must be practicing magic.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
Spanking for not saying Ma'am? Your children will distance themselves from you as soon as they can. Stop hitting your kids.

Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
Revelation 13:18 "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

This scripture says "it is the number of a man"

Super Blood Wolf Moon
When the Orthodox churches were formed, there was no such thing as non-profits. StevenG...You are so misinformed about church history. It's not about denomination or which church is right. IT'S ABOUT JESUS!!!

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Steveng...If Jesus was posting on these blogs I would give thanks to HIM for dying for me. Sad that you would put yourself on same level as the Lord.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Melody...Some of us have seen so many of Steveng'd posts on here that we know where he is coming from. No need to assume anything with him. Cluny is right on. Steveng is a narcissist who just likes to argue.

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
The Bible says the seventh day is a day of rest and to keep it holy. The scripture says nothing about going to church that day. The Jews did eventually go to synagogue that day. But there were no churches established by Adam and Eve. Sunday church is because of the resurrection for Christians.

Abortion Point Of Views
I will referring to only medical circumstances. I was not referring to convenience abortions.

Abortion Point Of Views
I remember back when having a baby and the decisions made were made between a woman and her husband and her doctor. I personally think it should have stayed that way. I cannot imagine any circumstances where I would have aborted any of my children. But, I cannot make that decision for other women. Today instead of having husband and wife, we have "fiancee" which is the word they use when they are committing fornication.

No Sin Before Death
Nicole...Scripture for your assumption that Mary was sinless?

What Type Of Pastor
Our pastor uses 3 and 4. We publish the scriptures in the bulletin as our group loves to study the Word.

A Burping Demon
No it is not a demon. There would be no purpose for a demon to do such a thing. It may be that someone is kidding with you.

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