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Brought You Nearer To God
John11: With all due respect,
if protestants were truly "sola scriptura", they would be keeping the seventh day sabbath (the only day sanctioned in scripture) and not the day the Catholic church sanctioned. And yes I am well aware of how the protestants justify Sunday keeping. Every protestant needs to read "Rome's Challenge to the Protestants". Blessings.

What Is The Kingdom Of God
Phil 7/22/12 To us, for us. What exactly does each one mean in your understanding?
"For us" to me means we apply into our lives what is written in the letter. If that is true it matters little who it was addressed to.

What Is The Kingdom Of God
Phil on 7/19/12
I beleive that all the NT is written to Believers no matter what century they lived in. Saying some of it is not to us makes it very easy to pick and choose what we will or will not believe. For example what else should we pick out of 1 Peter and discard as not "to us"? And who would be the final authority on making that judgement? Verse 2 of 1 Peter 1 says the message is to the "Elect..." I think that applies to all the elect not just to those to whom the letter was originally sent. If what Peter wrote to those 1st century believers was valid why would it not apply to us? Was the church of God only the "household of God" back then or is it still the household of God? The answer to me is obvious.

Interfering With God's Plan
Scripture is clear that we are to help those who need help...feed the poor, cloth the naked, give to those who would borrow from you...etc.
How would we ever know if we are interfering or not, therefore it would be better to obey scripture. And besides, when we come across someone in need, maybe the test is for US, will we help or not?

What Is The Kingdom Of God
Phil: Thank you for your input. I will have to study further into The sheep and goats. You did confirm the main point I was trying to make however, which is that the sheep and goats event occurs at Christ's return while the Great White Throne Judgement occurs over 1000 years later. Notice sequence of events in Rev.20. I understand the GWTJ is the second resurrection where some are in the book of life and some are not(v15).
Re your statement that "believers in Christ are not going to be judged at any time", see I Peter 4:17-19. We are being judged now.

What Is The Kingdom Of God
Scot1: It is my understanding that the separation of the sheep and the goats will take place at Christ's coming. It is a judgement on us who profess the name of Christ in this age (eg judgement on you and me and how we did with what He gave us). It is not a judgement on those who never knew Christ. The churches who do not keep the holy days of God do not have a complete picture of what God is working out here on earth.
I agree with you that there will be no second chances for anyone.

What Is The Kingdom Of God
The Kingdom of God that we are to believe in (and are to pray for its coming) is a literal kingdom which will be set up at Christ`s return.
Christ will be King over all the earth and the resurrected saints (the firstfruits of salvation) will rule with and under Him. The subjects will be those who survive through this present world into the millenium. Following the millenium and after Satan in thrown into the lake of fire forever comes a period known as the Great White Throne Judgement (the final harvest).
This is an opportunity for salvation for those who were not called in their previous lifetime. God`s plan is marvelous!

Can Salvation Be Lost
Yes I believe that salvation cannot lost. But I have some question that maybe strengthen us or me on depending our faith with these subject if you are pro-eternal security. Are the following verses reminds us about possible lossing our salvation? Mark 3:28-30 and Eph. 4:30. If so then salvation can be lost.

Sell Beer, Wine And Cigaretes
One verse, one question.

Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

The persons who purchase alcohol are not drinking wine for medicinal purpose. They don't sip ounces, they indulge glassfuls. Cigarettes advance disease and death. This is not new to you.

Do you believe your spirit will have peaceful sleep, knowing His command and your involvement, by providing drugs that will present many unhealthy bodies that won't be living sacrifices, holy, or acceptable?

Your questioning sin, and your spirit is witnessing to you, you acknowledge this sin. The decision for peace is your choice.

Did Jesus Die Spiritually
After giving up the Ghost, Jesus didnt die spiritually because He immediately exercised His omnipresence. Without delay He went into the Holy of Holies in the temple, rent the veil from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51). At the same time His presence was in Paradise with the thief and resurrected all the believing dead (Matthew 27:52) whilst proclaiming His victory over satan in hell (Col.2:15), now thats His omnipresent attribute displayed. Jesus never died spiritually, never ever, because His Spirit is the Holy Spirit Himself! After all God is eternal, i.e., no beginning and no end, neither dying at any point of time, God is immutable.

Did Jesus Die Spiritually
Jesus never died spiritually. Gen.49:33 says Jacob yielded up the ghost, the original text used was gava = gaw-vah). Acts 5:10 says she (Sapphira) yielded up the ghost was from the original word Ekpsucho = eks-psu-kho which both means to expire/die/perish or to breathe his/her last. But in the case of Jesus Christ in Matthew 27:50 is different because yielded up the ghost there from the original Greek was not gava neither Ekpsucho but aphiemi to pneuma = af-ee'-ay-mee ho pnyoo'-mah instead, which literally means send away that Spirit. Pnuema means the third person of the triune God, the Holy Spirit, coequal, coeternal with the Father and the Son i.e., the Spirit of Christ is the Holy Spirit Himself separated from Christ human body.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
First tell me why you want a new pastor whats wrong with the one who is now in the church? Is He preaching the word of God? does his life match up to the word of God?
Is he a teacher or a Pastor ? Or maybe He is in the office of Apostle or prophet or Evangelist? So what is the problem?
Does he Operate in the Gifts?
your in Christ jesus
Pastor N.F.Coetzee

Should The Pope Cover His Head
I'm amazed at the historical ignorance of "christians" and Catholics alike.

Less sanctimonious posturing and more understanding is in order. The historicity of the Catholic Church (RCC)and the false beliefs attributed to them is disturbing. It would serve you all well to look at the original canon, then the alterations made by Luther establishing the protestants before you begin the mass stonings. (My god is better than your god" doesn't work kids, only knowledge does).

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