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Can We Lose Our Faith
Look at the word Apostasy it is described in Hebrews 10:26-31. and it clearly explates that a person who has rejected Christ as the ony sacrifice for sin, and also say this Apostate person is one who sins wilfully after they have recieved the knowledge of truth. So yes if you repent and accept Christ as you Lord and Savior and go back to living in wilfull sinthen you are in danger of hell fireas the rest of that scripture reads.

Difference Between Catholics
Well, to answer you question. The Catholic Religion is dead wrong on several key points. .

Difference Between Catholics
1 Matthew 23:9: Jesus said "And call no man your father on the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." Jesus was referring to your Spiritual or Heavenly Father, the Catholic Faith has put that man between you and God and declaring him to be God because the only way to be forgiven is to confess you sins to that man which in contrary to the word of God. The Catholic Priest demand you to call then Father which is contrary to the word of God

Love A Non-Christian Guy
Also I have had several friends who I have tried to disocourage from becoming involved with non christians and they did, and one has totally turned her back on God and is into prostitution, one is now a drig addict, one has gone into witchcraft and the other I will not list but the Bible make it plain that we are to seperate ourselves from the world because we are not of this world.

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