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Should We Pray Outloud
Whether aloud or in silence prayer should be done appropriately. If someone who is with you at the time asks you to pray for their need it is often appropriate to do it there and then, aloud, with that person but, on most occasions, it should be for just God to hear. Praying aloud, particularly for the needs of others, can often be a way of spreading gossip, but it happens - A LOT.

If we wish to tell others (as well as God) about our own needs or sins that is up to us but it is not for us to say anything about anyone else publicly - disguised as prayer.

Should Pastor Know What You Give
Jan "Being concerned if your pastor knows the amount your give or tythe is somewhat oddly paranoid."

I disagree. What I believe to be paranoid is the fact that 'some' people feel this urgent need TO KNOW what others give. It is completely UNscriptural. The bible says "Let your giving be done in secret." A cheque is not secret, nor is cash in a numbered envelope.

Santa Claus Breaks 10 Commands
Because my children never had 'Santa' (but knew exactly where each gift came from) they knew to whom they must say thank you. They wrote letters to each giver or thanked them personally if they lived close. They were grateful for all they had and understood why some gifts had cost more than others.

They never worried if a neighbours child had a gift ten times the value of theirs because they understood that the neighbour had more money than we did (and fewer children!).

Our way worked beautifully (for us), others must decide for themselves how they handle it.

Wife Left Adultery Pastor
Two people here suggest I could be gossipping. Incorrect. It could only be gossip if I named names (I didn't) and as no-one here knows anyone else it cannot be gossip.

ALSO, my question here says "should SHE inform church members (or someone higher in the church than he is". Please note: The word was 'she' not 'I'.

Also there are several possibilities as to why I could have such information. The minister's wife could be my mother, my mother-in-law, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my sister or sister-in-law. In any of those cases other family members would know about it.

Whoever it is, my question asked what should 'she' do and only one person gave the correct advice. It was the moderator of C.N.

How To Give To The Poor
I cannot see why Christians cannot do both. The church that I attend has links to the local food bank which helps those who are having a hard time. Our sister church is where all the donated goods are stored.

The charity shop where I work has vouchers from this food bank which we can hand out to the really needy so that they can collect food parcels.

Neither of these involvements stop me from also being personally involved in helping the needy. Anyone who is going hungry could be helped if we'd all be prepared to help. If we know of a need there is no excuse for not helping.

Pastor Asks Personal Stuff
Thank you StrongAxe for your comment and encouragement. I hadn't thought of adding a 'reply' of my own to the question to add details. I must remember that for next time, IF there is a next time. I am saddened by the way some jump to dirty conclusions. Even one of my answers was edited because I challenged what one had said.

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