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I Have Had Two Abortions
Precious, precious friend. I, too, had an abortion in my 20's (while a Christian) & for two decades spiraled down into the pit of severe alcoholism. I still held on to my faith & believed in God's grace & forgiveness for everyone else, but not me. But somehow God's mercy touched my spirit & I began to believe I am one of the "whosoevers" & His promise was for me personally. My whole world changed & I was set free from the unbearable guilt, shame & grief. Dear sister, this is true for you too. Please let Him give you what He died to give. You ARE free, forgiven completely & eternally. Be not afraid. Only believe. You are forever loved & forever His.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
We need good laws. We need good law enforcement. We need good judges and good juries. I think that capital punishment is so final that it should be used for only the worst crimes (like premeditated murder) and only when there is absolutely no room for doubt. Wasn't it Christ that said of some criminal types that "it would be better for them if a millstone were tied around their neck and they were drowned in the depths of the sea"? Sounds like capital punishment to me and it seems that Christ was simpathetic with the victims (the little ones) and not the criminals. Sometimes we mistakenly allow our good heartedness to be used by those who are evil in an effort to get us to be more tolerant and less judgemental about evil.

Is Gambling A Sin
My experience w/ this. Invited to go w/ friends to the "boats." Thought I had a good sign b/c my eyes dropped right on Ps. 16:6 that day. :...lines have fallen for me in pleasant places..." I was excited. I played a lot of slot machines. Line went straight across blank lines the whole time. I quit when I realized His idea of pleasant lines. I came home and saw Gen 14:22--23. I have never gone back.

Must We Forgive For Our Salvation
God forgives us no matter what we've done or said he doesn't use protocol he just LOVES US and forgives us for all our sins. He does commands us and expects us to forgive one another if we believe we are allmembers of HIS family.He gives us the GRACE to forgive not the other way round.

Churches Take Gambling Money
If i didn't know where the money came from, accepted it but found out later the origin, I would pray about it. Just as we use the devil's tunes and the Lord can use them I think that to sue it for HIM is OK

How Do You Witness At Work
Oh yes by example! I work at Wal-Mart where I can be myself. We have what we call "10-foot Attitude" which means we greet any person than comes with-in 10 feet of you, including a fellow associate. I am cheerful daily and my ministry has been encouraging others at my workplace. I love opportunities to share my reason for smiling!!!

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