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I Can't Forgive Myself
I feel like I cannot forgive myself as well and I have no answer. I have such guilt upon me and I can hardly live with it myself. My prayers are out to you and there are people that really do care about your/our feelings, I have just not found them yet. I am one of you. We have to be strong. there is an answer. I know it. I will keep searching, and so should you.

Should I Stop My Divorce
My husband has decided to divorce me, I am devastated. We have had problems and hurt eachother, but I have never stopped being in love with him. I never thought that he would fall out of love, he was the one to aggressively pursue me and wanted to marry right away. I keep asking what I can do to make it work, and he says he is not in love and has not been for a while!! I have never hurt so badly. He wants me to move out, and take the house, he makes enough for the payments and I don't. What can I do?

My Boyfriend Is Skinner Than Me
I feel sorry for your BF, he obviously does not like the way you look, try some self control and better eating habits. Food can become addictive like smoking or drugs, everthing in moderation. Your body is the temple of God, treat it as so and you will feel better about yourself.

Are People Made For Evil
I think there are demon spirits every where. I am sure there are angels too. Surely the demon spirits have something to do with the evil that goes on in this world. Does anyone else on hear believe in demons? From what I understand they were cast out of heaven with Lucifer they are 1/3 of the angels right?

The AntiChrist Is Announced
I saw this man and went to his website it is obviously a cult.

Resurrection Bodies
How could we be recognized if we don't have an appearance of being the same person? It is confusing to me. I wonder about it alot.

Once Saved Always Saved
Well,rebecca that is what I always thought too. But when my husband did it and he was saved a few years prior to that i started questioning that. For his sake i hope you are wrong. I guess only God knows.

Who is John Hagee?
I am interested in what he has to say about the rapture etc. but I think his style of preaching is pretty scary. There is not a whole lot of forgiveness in the sermons I have heard. Plus, on end times I think i like Tim LaHaye best so far.

Still My Wife In Heaven
I have also read that passage and think it means that we will not goout looking for a spouse once we get to heaven,but surely I can be with my husband there. Something doesn't seem right if I can't be with my husband when I die. My life has been a nightmare without him and I look forward to seeing him again one day. I have alotof things I need to say to him.

Is Unconfessed Sin Forgiven
So then is everybody who commited suicide in hell? How can people know that? I think only God knows that. The very thought of that scares me.

Can I Interpret Peoples Dreams
I think you could have this gift. How accurate have you been in the past? I think some things like this come from God, surely Daniel and Joseph had the gift so why wouldn't someone in our time have it? But we must be carefull because the devil can trick people so it is hard to say for sure where the gift is coming from.I think if you are a christian and pray to God for interpretation then it would have to come from God. I wish someone could tell me what my dreams mean? Someone of God.

Once Saved Always Saved
I have struggled with this issue for over three years because my husband died from a suicide. I was told by three differant preachers that if he was ever saved before he was in heaven because you can't loose your belief in God or in Christ. The only scripture I can refer to is John 3:16. I may very well be wrong in this belief some of you may be wrong in yours I don't guess we will know for sure until it is our turn. If I get to go to heaven and he is not there how disappointing it will be for me.

Girlfriend Won't Give Up Smoking
i think she is being unresonable and if she wants to smoke go outside im trying to quit at the moement but is very hard i get added pressure from my boyfriend cause he,s ashamtic it is so hard but i dont think the time is right

Turn The Other Cheek
I don't believe it is a test at all.
I believe by turning the other cheek it frees us from reaction. Reaction that may prove to be a a strike against us as well as those that have afflicted us. When we practice using our choices that are God directed then we are free from the worlds manipulation. Always keeping in mind that it's not about us as individuals but we as children of God

Satan Making You Sin Lately
The Devil has come in to my life and has turned it upside down and I have done nothing but sit back and watch. Now here I am sitting in this mess I have been sinning and don't know how to get out of this situation. What do You do whn You fell and don't know how to get back to where u once was????

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