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HS Baptism By Laying On Hands
Herb your theology if way off. The baptism of the HS does not happen the moment you become a believer. It has to be imparted to us ie.the laying on of hands. It is not automatic, we have to desire it want it hunger for it.Seek,knock, ask .

How Much Do you Love Jesus
If you truly love me obey my commandment, and feed my sheep. Proof is a soulish realm, if you love God then you will obey him. I dont have to prove anything,that statement is unbiblical.

Did Jesus Ever Get Sick
I am tired of seeing headlines of cancer and heart desease killing many. Its time for christians to rise up and take back our country from the ememy. School, politics, etc. I want to lay hands on the sick and see them restored to great health by the power of Jesus.

Anti-Christ Or The False Prophet
Neither, the anti-christ or false prophet will come out of the middle east. Turkey? When has ever the Catholic Chruch ever beheaded people. Never. A common practice in the midde east. What is the biggest threat to Christianity? Islam. They hate the Jews and the christians all those that claim that Jesus is the son of God.

Raising The Dead In America
To those that keep saying stuff about tv preaches be careful Judgemet will come upon you. Just because they have an annointing why keep nagging at them. If anything pray for them. Bless them, ask God to change you heart. We need to support one another. Aren't we all the body of Christ.

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