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Cow And Human Put Together
"Hybrid's" that G_d did not create [Genesis 2:14(22)25, 26(27-28), a distinct difference between mankind & animals]!

Everything God created He blessed & all reproduced "after 'their' kind", including all males & all females on earth, or descendents of one (1st Adam) man & one woman (Eve)], according to that fellah Moses!

Hence, mules are creations of post flood origins in Noah's time, not G_d/Echad's! Some people are unfortunately 'sterile' for different reasons.

What Day Was Jesus Crucified
oby, If the Word of Truth can be rightly divided, it can be wrongly divided. Hence many different man made bibles, 'denominations, doctrines, etc wrongly taught as "The Gospel Truth".

Your [intentional?] (mis)spelling/(mis)pronunciation of Messias/Christ Jewish name goes well with that verse you just mentioned, [this is not for me!].

The Last Days And Latter Days
Helen, your response seems to be "right on the money".

The Last days 'beginning' when Simon Peter quoted Acts 2:15-21 on The Day Of Pentecost.

If The Last Days began with that declaration, 'The Latter' Days Of/In These Last Days began somewhere around the 'budding' of the fig tree [Israel, G_d's Prophetic Marker], Jesus Christ Himself pointed to in responding to the disciples question of 'WHEN'!

This was fulfilled in 1948 in the exact same location.

What Say Ye?

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