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Quoting Christian Church Fathers
kathr, forget what I asked you if you had read any of the Fathers.

It's obvious you would understand them anyway, since they speak from a Christian standpoint.

Happy New Year!

Who Wrote The New Testament
The only thing Jesus wrote that's recorded in the NI is His his doodles in the dust of the Temple in John 8.

And exactly WHAT He wrote is not given.

Happy New Year!

Star Wars For Christmas
\\Are you aware sir that christmas is a renaming of a holiday that had all ready existed thousands of years before Jesus was born?

Christmas is the Roman Saturnalia and what is the first commandment of the Ten Commandments sir?\\

But Saturnalia did not exist for thousands of years before Jesus was born.

Rome was founded only 745 (or so) years before Our Savior.

Try again.

YOU might observe Saturnalia. **I** observe the Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ!

Christ is Baptized! In the Jordan!

Are Shriners Christian
\\ I am a Mason and have been for 50 Yrs. Read your Bible your narrow minded people. You do not know or understand what you are talking about. PROUND TO BE A MASON\\

Do you remember being called a "poor blind candidate" as you stood outside the door of the Blue Lodge in the EA degree?

Why were you a "pbc?" Because you lacked Masonic light.

If you knew the Bible, you would know it says, "CHRIST shall give you light," not Masonry.

Happy New Year!

Why Read Book Of Mormon
\The Puritans objected to the earlier translations\\

Actually, the Puritans objected to the BISHOP'S Bible, which translation was used for the Epistles and Gospels in the Book of Common Prayer, not to the Geneva Bible, which also predates the KJV, and which they themselves had made.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Ungodly Dressed Kids
\\Do you think it's appropriate for a six year old girl to wear sleeveless shirts?
---Trish on 8/4/12\\

Depends on the occasion, as I've said.

They may not be appropriate for church, school, or other serious occasions.

If she's playing with her friends, or other recreational events, I would see no problem.

But any program, including a recreational program, as the right to set its standards for dress of attendees or staff.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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