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What Is Oneness Doctrine
Oneness is the opposite of trinity.
And no it does not mean what we all believe on Christianet. That would be forcing a false theology on others, literally forcing a false interpretation of Who God is. Oneness is for jw's, upc's, sda's and followed by fringe groups.

Church And State As One
A 'slave to Christ'. You know, in all of the years that you've blogged, I've yet to see you even mention Jesus Christ in a favorable light. It always made me wonder if you even believe in Jesus Christ. It appears that all of your hopes and dreams rest upon your faith in Jefferson.

Pearls Before Swine
for cast pearls to the swine --if one has a knowledge and wisdom of truth that knowingly others dont have of truth that is far above the current wisdom of the current age one will overload the student truth seeker who may be a beginner or even an advanced teacher.many claim to know truth but many have little candles.a wise one must spoon feed the the listner or friendly fire will ensue thereafter.truth advanced mortals will read the person to tell if they are spiritually unconcerned.

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