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When Was Christ Born
the important thing here is... he did born and now we are saved!
by the way... discovery channel says he was born in april 17, year 7, which kind of makes sense, since Israel was founded in april 17, 1948

Ear Piercing Bible Scriptures
my advise is ask the Father himself, what he has for us is way better than anything else.. I believe that if your tattoo says something like "His blood never fails" its ok, but if your tattoo is spongebob... then youre wrong, if you do have a spongebob tattoo, its an example and Im not condemning you at all
what,why,when you pierce/tattoo is important and above all... remember: honor your parents, theyre there for some good reason... if they say no, God says
"do not pierce"

Too Many Jokes In Church
The Jokes are there to see if you are awake.There is too much Rap Crap in the Church today.The Devil seeks out his weak pray. Fasten your belt and follow me saith The Lord Onward Christian Soldiers.

My Husband Abandoned Me
You both have issues.Its either LOve or Money.Do you want to end up onthe doctor Phil show?

Giants After The Flood
I know of at least one Giant after the the the Jolly Green Giant HRW

Baptized Two Times
Fist we are baptized with the Blood of the Spirit. This is the Living Water o0f John 4. then we are Baptized under the regular Baptist Church Water to show outwardly that we have accepted Jesus. This is when we join the others in the Baptist who believe this. HRW

Is Moronism A Cult
I truly do not know that John Smith was a person who accepted Christ as his personal Savior. The Devil was once an Angle but He wanted to be more powerful than God . You see what happened to him. Joseph Smith or Budda.Lets see they are both dead. I guess I will serve the Living Savior Jesus. His Blood is the Payment for my Sin HRW

Newest Humor Blog
Elder, my coffee is out of your coffee's league. My coffee burnt my throat, that's why I'm typing this.

Catholic Church Traditions
I am left wondering if Sola Scriptura cannot be support for the NT books, then what can we say about the Old Testament? They did not have a table of contents either! nor did some church compile them.

Decided To Join A Cult
If what the JWs believe matches the KJV of the Bible, then why did they have to create the New World Translation? It is simply that the KJV does not support their christology and other beliefs, that they had to create the NWT.

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