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Picture Close To Heart
The person is still alive, but far away so I hold her picture close to my heart at night.
---Christy_Robinson on 1/9/21

Thank you Christy for clarifying your question. I think my first reply ( which your question above did not clarify dead or alive) you clarified here. NO , HOLDING A PICTURE of anyone close to your heart dead or alive is not worship. PRAYING TO that person prayer is a form of WORSHIP, is Idolotry, and according to scripture witchcraft.

We pray to the Father in the name of His Son Jesus Christ. No one comes to the Father except through His Son Jesus Christ ALSO INCLUDES PRAYER.

One giving an answer to this question is not Unchristlike. No one here has been unchristlike .

How To Spank Boys
Actually Nurse Robert I have wondered the same. I think I understand your comment.

Satan On Over Drive
There are two comings of Christ in the OT. ONE....THE VIRGIN BIRTH, TWO: THE RETURN OF THE RISEN CHRIST.

The MYSTERY ( kept secret) not in the OT concerns a NEW CREATURE....that is the BOC, made up of both Jew and Gentile, having NOTHING to do with any OT scriptures concerning THE NATION OF ISRAEL, that yes, those promises to THE NATION will be fulfilled. THE CHURCH is not nor ever will be The Nation Israel. Two entirely different entities. This is the very reason Judas betrayed Jesus. He was putting his faith in Jesus to overthrow Rome and setting up His Kingdom THEN. Jesus came to die for our sin, FIRST, rise again, taking a bride, and returning with His Body to fulfill those promises to THE NATION ISRAEL. ZECHARIAH 12-14.

Picture Close To Heart
Ruben, I've stated my conscience according to the Word of God. If you choose to do what you do, that's on you. I will never agree with you. You also twisted my words....I find dishonest. I do not debate any longer with bloggers who dishonestly twist my words.

Free will allows you to disobey the Word of God. But I will have no part.

After 2-3 admonitions REJECT. Timothy 3:10

Satan On Over Drive
Isaiah 14 a time when the WHOLE WORLD IS AT REST.....this is future, and will be the 1000 year reign of Christ ON EARTH, ( not yet the New Heaven and earth) where Satan will be bound for 1000 years ...another reason for rest. Jesus will rule from Jerusalem , not Rome, DC , Or Salt Lake City. It will also be a time RULED WITH A ROD OF IRON. And then AFTER the 1000 years Satan will be loosed and we have no idea out of those on earth at that time who will be saved.

So, God is bringing back the PHYSICAL DESCENDS of Jacob back to the land "Jerusalem " Israel , He Gave them. But that in no way guarantees their salvation,seeing 2/3 will be killed here out of rebellion. 1/3 will come through the fire. Zechariah 12-14.

Picture Close To Heart
1Samuel 28:3-25


NO where in the NT has this command changed. THOU SHALL NOT. Sorcery, witchcraft etc God clearly states in the NT Rev 21:8 and 22:15 Isaiah 47:9,57:3 Exodus 22:18.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Trav, I think you have let us know where you stand. You still support Trump and it appears the overthrow of our government .

Thanks for clarifying .

Folks, this is why Kingdom Now, Restoration Theology, which Trav supports is dangerous. It's THE APOSTATE WOMAN WHO RIDES THE BEAST OF WORLD POLITICS. If you continue to read, even the beast betrays THE WOMAN RE APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY.

Satan On Over Drive
David, it's takes no rocket scientist to know the definition of REMNANT. If you take a bolt of fabric, and an end piece of the original bolt remains is called a remnant. Just look it up in the dictionary. There will be a remnant 1/3 out of ISRAEL to be saved. Zechariah 12-14 ...future...makes this clear. But this is what remains AFTER THE apocalypse ....right before Jesus second coming. This is also Jesus warning re The times of Noah...meaning EVIL BEYOND WORDS, but this time not a flood, but fire.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
What happened at the Senate when Pence was only to certify the EC, TWO overreaching Senators decided it was their job to object. Interestingly the more MATURE Senators who understand the constitution , one by one, stated THIS WAS NOT THEIR JOB. And outlined the consequences of Government takeover of elections.

On the Parallel here God never asked Christians to FORCE Christianity and righteousness on others. We see how the first ended, and we see the disaster when Calvin in Geneva tried it..

We see the consequences when man takes matters in their own hands..FLESH FIGHTING FLESH. We never needed a Cyrus, we have THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. And we see Satan's plans were thwarted. And will be again.

Picture Close To Heart
Ruben, are you trying to tell us Peter and Jesus prayed to the dead person they brought back to life, OR did they pray to GOD THE FATHER on behalf of the dead person? So when Benny Hinn goes to graveyards to raise the dead, he prayers to that dead person? I'm not following your thinking. So your saying every time you pray to Mary or one of your Saints, your trying to raise them from the dead? Is that what it's all about? I never knew that.

Jesus said I AM THE RESURRECTION AND LIFE. HE RAISED LAZARUS FROM THE DEAD. JESUS IS GOD. The Apostles were endowed with gifts of Miracles at the beginning of the Church age, PROVING JESUS WAS THE SON OF GOD. The Holy Spirit, not Peter brought that woman back to life.

Satan On Over Drive
There will be a time when God WILL gather His people out of all nations, bringing them back to the land He gave them...clearly prophecied in Isaiah 14. This time will begin the 1000 year reign of Christ, as we see the WHOLE CHAPTER is about. The whole earth WILL BE at REST. ***vs 7***AFTER THE FALL OF BABYLON RE the world powers. ****vs 4-5 ***But that is something that will happen AFTER THE CHURCH, THE BOC, Those who belong to THE SON, is complete. Unless Trav is planning to go to Israel, claiming to be the lost sheep, which by law unless he can prove through DNA he is any one of the 13 Trav tribes, won't happen.

Paul NEVER says, when he uses what ever word is translated "gentile" ...never says OUT OF THE GENTILES.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
It's Mitch McConnell who is to be given credit for SC picks. Not Trump. And it is yet to be seen just how the SC will or IF they will completely overturn. I say even Pence could have picked any of the SC choices.

Now seeing the real Donald Trump, and how he preyed on the church, and anyone he could for his own selfish needs is evident.

Satan On Over Drive
The "mystery Church" was "hidden,....kept secret" but now revealed. Romans 16:25-27 clearly stated all throughout Ephesians, Colossians. The Mystery ..The Church .Colossians 1:24-27.

Israel THE NATION will only "see" the Glory of the Lord at His return, ...Zechariah 12-14, however, The Church, made up of both Jew and Gentile will be GLORIFIED TOGETHER WITH CHRIST. THE HOPE OF GLORY. The Hope of Glory doesn't mean the hope of heaven. "I in them and Thou in Me" was never promised in the New Covenant. Yes, the Holy Spirit is, but "Christ in you" is something altogether different. Christ is head of the CHURCH, the BODY OF CHRIST. Israel the nation is not the body of Christ .

Picture Close To Heart
Ruben, let me also reiterate...if someone holds a picture if a deceased family member and prays to it as well IT IS IDOLOTY as well as witchcraft. It's unfortunate you failed to see the difference. No one in my first post prayed or claimed to talk to the dead. With CHRIST IN YOU , who lives 24/7/365 in you, Hugging you, protecting you, talking to you every moment...answering your prayers IN JESUS NAME, who gives us access directly to the Father in prayer, as no saint or Mary can....why not tell folks the TRUTH RUBIN? Mary is asleep in the Lord, and is not floating around space.

Those who don't have CHRIST IN THEM don't understand this fact.

Satan On Over Drive
David, you had me at:

(Matthew 10:5-6) These twelve Jesus sent forth and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not. But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Clearly these are two entirely different groups here.

However AFTER Jesus resurrection THE MYSTERY was revealed to Paul that out of Jews and Gentiles is a NEW CREATURE....THE CHURCH OF THE FIRST BORN.

Picture Close To Heart
Depends on who the picture is of and the motive in your heart of doing so. If it's a picture of Mary or a So called Saint, ( as we are all saints who are saved) and you are reciting a prayer to them etc, or a leader of some etc, that you do worship, yes, it is Idolotry. If it's of your mom or dad or child who's passed or you haven't seen for a while, and it's your way of giving them a hug...then no.

Are You Truly Saved
Paul and Barnabas went to the Gentiles, all those NOT JEWS OR THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL. The Barbarians, heathens, etc. Here's another, Cornelius....a ROMAN, TITUS A GREEK, from Crete.

Here's the thing Trav fails to grasp....THE MYSTERY , that was only revealed AFTER Jesus resurrection, that Gentiles were also NOW part of the household of God. The mystery explained in Ephesians is that out of Israel all 13 Tribes of Trav's and Gentiles , God is making A NEW CREATURE, neither Jew or Greek....called the CHURCH OF THE FIRSTBORN. After the Church is formed, THEN and only then will God go back and fulfill His promises to the NATION OF ISRAEL, just as Romans 11 clearly state. ..AFTER THE FULLNESS OF THE GENTILES COME IN.

Are You Truly Saved
Seeing Greeks are NOT in any way one of Trav 13 tribes of Israel, we can take this literally that one must have GREEK DNA to qualify, totally refutes Trav doctrine for one, OR Paul uses "Greek" in a general sense of all not of Israel. Or was Pauls letter to Rome stating only GREEKS AND JEWS in Rome qualified for salvation. What were Romans? Jews or Greeks?

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

You cant explain away scripture so clearly stated here. Well, some would to their own distruction. God promised Abraham BEFORE ANY ISRAEL WAS FORMED, ..ALL FAMILIES OF THE EARTH. Not just his offspring.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Lawlessness is a sign of end times....cloaked in deception. Trumps illegal phone call to our SOS is lawlessness, mafia mentality and word salad choices Trump used and I believe Georgia and Fulton County GA will have the last laugh here. These GA LAWS are GODS LAWS. TRUMP BROKE THE LAW HERE.....GODS LAWS HERE....also the law THOU SHALL NOT LIE, BEAR FALSE WITNESS, SLANDER ETC. God does not use thug like Tactics to force His will on anyone.

People are so wrapped up in abortion, but fail to see the other dangers....thousands dying of Covid because if incompetence, Russia hacking into our defense system, because of Trumps incompetence....or is this all intentional? Time will tell. And more than the unborn will die here. WAKE UP.

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