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I Can't Stay With This Man
In the bible, especially the olden days when an issue was brought up, before judgment could be rendered they had to search the matter diligently and not go off one person testimony. I am not saying you are not telling the truth but the problem with people is when they tell a story they make themselves look like the victim and the other person the bad person. Also we don't want to take action for their consequences, so we try to take the easy way out.

God Blessing Are Spiritual
Now the bible tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I do believe that God is partial. I also believe when we set ourselves apart for God he will not allow us to be ashamed. check Num 25, 1 Chr 16:9, Acts 10. Also the bible does tell us that Jesus loved John over the rest of his disciples.

Pastor's Wife Has Gone Wild
The bible tells us that the truth will make us free. There are people in church all over who feel like the pastor's wife, who think serving God is boring and they are missing out. Jesus is able to give us real peace and joy and to deliver us from what issues we have. But we have to be real with him like the man in Mark 9. I believe but help my unbelief.

Pastor's Wife Has Gone Wild
Mr. Lupe I'm surprise, wasn't it you who said that you don't think the Lord can use me to teach you anything. lol. So no matter what I write, your going to be right and I'm going to be wrong, right. Read the story of the prodigal son then look at what leena is saying about the pastor's wife. check acts 20:27-31. knowlege is puffed up but charity edifeth.

Pastor's Wife Has Gone Wild
3. Church today is full of politics, drama, fake people wearing mask who are literally dying on the inside. Many of us eye the world but dont have the guts to say, Lord this is not what I expected Im turning back, but cuz you fear what MEN think you go, faking it. Lol. It's not that Jesus can't deliver them, cuz he can BUT.. God help us. Wouldnt it be funny if this woman actually made it in and some of us didnt. lol

Pastor's Wife Has Gone Wild
2. You know why she is like this, maybe it's the fault of the "church" not so much Jesus. Remember when the man brought his son to Jesus disciples and ask them to deliver him. They COULDNT. why? That's how the church is today, people come to be delivered and they are not getting delivered. there are many who feel like that in churches and why is that. they are not having that abundant life the scripture promises why?

Pastor's Wife Has Gone Wild
This is to address Lupes comment about her not loosing her salvation cuz she was never saved in the first place. How do you know that? You know this lady is being real and alot of us need be real and step back and say. I'm here Lord but my mind is in the world. That's even more detrimental when your being hypocrital living a double life going to church and just going through the motions. Something we love to do in the church.

Can I Pursue A Married Man
A nice chapter to read is Jer 42. The people came together and said unto Jeremiah, pray and inquire of the Lord what he want us to do and whatsoever he tells us we will do. Jeremiah did and gave them the word of the Lord, what did they do. They did knew what the will of God was but did according to their own hearts. I really sense this person knows that what she is doing is wrong. anyways that's between her and God. have a nice day..

Most Christians Don't Help
The bible tells us that they first called the disciples in Antioch christians. To me the word christian means to be Christ like. Jesus also spoke about how the Son of man went and sowed seeds and in the night the wicked one came and sowed his seeds also. Lest they pluck up the good seeds with the bad ones, the Lord said let them grow together and at the time of harvest the Lord will send his angels to seperate the wheat from the tare. Don't just go off what people say, it's a lifestyle.

Can I Pursue A Married Man
Hey go ahead and knock yourself out. I believe even before you posted this blog you knew what to do. :-) Others have done it and got away with it, so why shouldn't you. lol.

Did Anyone Marry A Little Boy
Fiona wrote..I have had enough. He has met with our Pastor, been told to step up to the plate (as he was in his first failed marriage) that marriage failed for same reasons. I don't get people, they do their own thing instead of submitting to the word of God and when it don't work out, what do they do? take the easy way out. welcome to christiandom :-D

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