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Do You Know The Bible


Once Saved Always Saved
Eloy ... I thought you, like me, were a bit observant of words.

Have you not noticed that it is "Christan" who conributes here, not "Christian"?

Who Are The Faithful
As Pedant ... may I be unpedantic? May I offer a suggestion that does not rely on pedantic strict grammar?

I suggest in this case, "it" refers neither to grace nor to faith, but to the thing which is being discussed in the sentence ... that is, Salvation.

Salvation is the gift of God.

"Grace through faith" is how He gives Salvation

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... Have you ever been to vundervul vundervul Copenhagen?

How To Get Rid Of Pride
There is an old song called "I wonder as I wander"
Or is it "I wander as I wonder"
I w'o'n't challenge your do'n't!

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... on a small point of grammar & punctuation, I wonder about your "so's"

The apostrophe is normally used in two circumstances ... to indicate a possessive (as in "Eloy's post") or to indicate the ommission of letters (e.g. "It is good" becomes "It's good", and "He has gone" becomes "He's gone")

I've not seen it used in the case of plurals (except by greengrocers, who insist on calling potatoes "potatoe's"

What do you think?

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... So even before you were saved, you never had any worldly pride?

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... My point was that when you thought you knew everything, that was pride. But naybe you have a special definition of pride?

What Are Moderators Views
I wonder where the Moderator picked up the incorrect use of the word 'whom'?

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... Being a pedant, I think I get sentence structure and other grammatical matters right ... an example being the use of the word 'whom'

So I think 'there is nothing really new for me to know' about grammar.

Don't think that I am guilty of pride?

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... (continued) But, even though I am a pedant, I can get things wrong ... and missed out the word 'you' in the last line.

How To Get Rid Of Pride
Eloy ... I was referring to the time before you found that out and started learning ... to the time when you were proud of the fact that you knew everything

How To Get Rid Of Pride
//I recall once as a teenager that I thought that there was nothing really new to know//

That indicates that at that time you had a pride that you knew everything.

So it can't be that you // have never had worldly pride//

Getting An Inheritance Soon
To give away 20% is very commendable, but maybe you should say "double tithing" since tithe means one-tenth!!!

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