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Witnessing to a Jehovah Witness
I used to do the same with some J/W friends.
The best book to study and use is the HOLY BIBLE.

I Need More Confidence
Nina,who are you putting your confidence in ?
there is a lot you can do,you can pray for the needs of others,you can be an ear for those who need someone to listen to them.
Ask God what he would have you to do,then listen.God bless you.

Can You Loose Your Salvation
Natasha,if God who is love Gives you the Gift of eternal life and then takes it back,is it a real gift ?You are not saved by works but by grace.Gods love is unconditional,to say if we sin we go to hell,that puts a condition on it and makes God a liar which he is NOT.But we pray for God to help us become what he wants us to be
,do you expect to be a saint the moment you are saved ?When our children sin against us are they no longer our children and not welcome in our homes ?

My Boyfriend Is Skinner Than Me
Andre,true beauty comes from the inside,about the weight issue,if you want to lose weight you will,diets usually deprive you of certain foods which you will eventually crave.What does work is controlling portions you consume and exercise on a regular basis.As much as you can stay away from fast food it hinders your efforts to lose weight.I lost 60 pounds in a year,exercise and common sense works.Also don't compare yourself to others ,just do the best with what God gave you.You can do it,God bless you.

Who is Charles Stanley?
Dr.Charles Stanley is the best teacher I have ever heard,he has been through it all and used his experiences to teach and bless us who watch and listen.His ministry IN TOUCH is the one tv ministry I support.I have used his teaching to teach others.God bless him.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
Born again,please don't be offended as i meant to offend no one.Joy you are correct.It has been stated that men use affection to get sex and women use sex to get affection.I do NOT disrespect the women in question,rather i pray for them and am kind to them,as Jesus said to the hypocrites:
let him who is without sin cast the first stone,and he forgave the woman,satan looks for the weak areas to attack and everyone has a weak area,be on guard.Russell

Use The Internet To Find A Mate
Dear single mother of one,
Use the 'net to cyber date a few months,don't rush into anything take your time,watch for clues to their Real personality,God bless you in your search.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
Tammy,please forgive me if I offended you as I would not do that on purpose.Stand your ground,be at peace,God bless you.Russell

Witnessing to a Jehovah Witness
I used to do the same with some J/W friends.
The best book to study and use is the HOLY BIBLE.

You Already Have Holy Spirit
Dear Dawn,
Think about this,if someone knocks on your door and you open the door and say come in will they stay outside ?It is the same with the Holy Spirit,you do not accept the spirit on your own he calls you and you accept or reject,if you accepted him,you have him in you.Read the instruction manual,it has the answers.God bless you.

Prenup Has Me Mad
Dear Kristin,
He does not trust you and he has lied to you and you want to marry him ?That would be like trying to run a foot race with a broken leg,you can try it,but it will be painfull and you won't win.Thank God for showing you now and sparing you the pain.Re-evaluate your
relationship with him.God bless you.

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