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False Doctrines In Church
Susie)AMEN:I left my church out of deep conviction it was "SO" off that I should not be there. Too commercial and too much was simply MAN'S teaching. It is sad because I have actually lost friends over it. I suppose they weren't really friends in the first place but the sad thing is the condition of the CHURCH TODAY and the coldness that is occurring right before our eyes.Our brothers and sisters are hellbound and they won't listen.Lost friends I can handle but seeing them rot in HELL,I can't.

Christians Obsess About Money
It is sad to see a person who calls him/herself a Christian 'obsessed'with money. This is not what a christian SHOULD be dwelling on. Of course we should be dwelling upon things above and not on things of the earth. It is not necessarily their fault as they have fallen pray to the prosperity ministers. However, that makes them none the less on the road to hell.They cannot serve God and mammon. We need to pray for the lost sheep who have fallen victum to false teachers and the currupt churches.:)

Are Women The Weaker Being
1)He misunderstands what the Bible is saying and is only reading part of it. The part that justifies his control issues. He left out the part about loving his wife as Christ loved the Chruch. Christ laid down his very life for His bride and was never sharp,bossy or abusive. He also answered questions(even of his enemies who were not his bride). This man is in need of counseling as a woman abuser and if you have children later, he will abuse them too.

Does God Love Those In Hell
God is LOVE. However, he is so pure that He is unable to look upon sin (unrighteousness). Hell is full of unrighteousness so that He cannot even look upon it and so does not love it. How can one love something that does not even exist to him because he cannot see it? So I believe it is with God.

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