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Would Jesus Be Welcome
I think Jesus would fit into those churches that are led by the Spirit of God. Those that are not would be very hostile to him. They would act like the Pharisees did towards him.

Saved From The Law Or Sin
once with the son, always with the son
once with salvation, always salvation
once fear god, always fear god

sin does not negate salvation, torment and anguish exist even in knowing ones salvation

our existance is not flawed, but rather inherent by God's design / plan

Only through our own suffering can we come to know the truth of salvation.

Even knowing the truth, our suffering in this life shall never cease.

We suffer the lost soles of mankind, it is with us all the days in this lives.

What Day Was Jesus Crucified
Maybe this will help. We are on a different calendar than those days, (catholic, that't why we hear so much about good friday, every friday is good. The evening and the morning were the first day, this is key. So the Lord Jesus was placed in tomb at 6:00 p.m Wednesday and arose at 6:00 a.m sunday morning. I think if you figure this according to jewish days the answer is easy.Of course many have opinion don't they.

Do I Tell Spouse Of My Affair
six weeks ago i discovered my wife's affair in her journal. it was divine in the sense that i had never read her journal before and "something" told me to read it. my wife said it set her free, that she could never really move on without me knowing. she says that deceit doesn't cover deceit, that the truth is the first step to healing and recovery. i strongly disagree with anyone who would keep a secret from their spouse.

Have You Seen A Demon
This is honest to God, a true story, The summer after graduating high-school, I woke up because I heard laughter in my room. I thought it was my friends waking me up, but then the laughter became loud and taunting. I opened my eyes and looked it in the eye... He was staring at me, waiting for me to wake up. He appeared to be half-man, and half-beast. He had a man's face and body shape, but he was covered in dark fur and he had freakishly huge muscles, like a steroid freak.

Have You Seen A Demon
He overflowed with wickedness. He was hunched over like he was carrying a terrible burden on his shoulders, or a curse. He leaned towards me and opened his eyes really big, just to show me that he was real, and that I was not dreaming. He was very keen and aware, and he knew that I was scared. All I could do was scream, "GOD, HELP ME!" but as soon as I made the "G" sound in the word God, the demon disappeared. Since then, I've been convinced that the supernatural world exists.

Is Jesus also God
Jesus is God and human Matthew 27:46 He died on the cross as a sinless human for the sin offering.

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