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Can Women Be Bishops
The word "apostle" means "one sent". Did Jesus send Mary Magdalene to the disciples or did He not? He said, "Go tell...."

Stephen Hawkin's Book
//Immediately I thought, perhaps gravity IS God. After all, it is omnipresent, in all things. Anything in Scripture that would contradict this possibility?//

God is a Spirit. God is love. God is good. God is light. God is faithful. God is longsuffering. I can find all those in the Bible, but I can't find "God is gravity". Since the written Word tells us who God is, it looks to me like it would tell us God is gravity if He were.

False Bible Teachers Jailed
Rob, I don't think you have a complete clue so that goes both ways. Like it says in Acts, if it is of God it will remain. If it is not, it will not. In the meantime, it is best to tend to what God gave you to do rather than waste time trying to prove someone else false.

False Bible Teachers Jailed
So do they, Rob. You are focused on their method of gaining funds instead of the countless numbers of people they have helped. Many of them fund aid to countries who are in famine and build schools and teach the people how to become self-sufficient. I personally do not always agree with the methods of funding, but I do know that some of those luxury items are gifted to them. I make sure I don't hastily and wrongfully judge now since I have done it many times in the past when I thought they bought those items with offerings. The way I deal with it is this: what the Lord says to you, do it. The fact that you don't do it their way and condemn them for it makes it appear you are trusting in the way you do it.

False Bible Teachers Jailed
Rob, you really do spend too much time criticizing other ministries who don't agree with what you think. Are you ministering to people, healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead, speaking with new tongues? If you are giving your time to that, then you must have more than 24 hours alotted to you in a day to have the time to also spend searching out ministries you can criticize and then spending all this time here making your opinion public. Those who preach the gospel have a right to the carnal things of those who hear if they so choose to exercise that right. It does cost money to air, even if you don't agree with the method used.

Scriptures For Always Saved
Tit 2:11 For the GRACE of God that BRINGETH SALVATION hath APPEARED to ALL men.

Says "hath" not "shall". The grace of God has appeared to all men.

hath appeared
Hath appeared ( & #949, & #787, & #960, & #949, & #966, & #945, & #769, & #957, & #951,)
Only in Pastorals, Luke, and Acts. In the active voice, to bring to light, show.

This is the Scripture disputed, even though it is very clear what has appeared and to whom it has appeared. I provided the Greek definition to "hath appeared" just in case someone would want to say that "appeared" doesn't mean "appeared".

What Is Faith
"Sadly most people do not even realize that they have been forgiven. Now this forgiveness includes both the saved as well as the lost."

Amen. Reconciled by the death, something that has already been done. Saved by the life, which now is and is to come, endless. Man who is reconciled needs life to be saved. That is done only by receiving Christ.

What Is Your Christian Testimony
If the voice you are hearing so consistently is God, it would appear to me that you would hear Him remind you to put the "L" in Cluny's name instead of consistently misspelling it every time. God knows how to spell it. Why are you having such a problem? Or does your God not care so much about little things like consistently disrespecting others by not even getting something as basic as a name correct?

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