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Is Rome The Eternal City
Rome is anything but the eternal city. It's only man's view. Also, the office of Pope carries no weight in the Kingdom of God.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
Monks, middle ages??? The Catholic Church was purely founded on a political basis, not Christ like it should have. They used Christianity to gain power in Rome and throughtout the world. They burned real Christians at the stake if they did not follow their ways, and the ones who tried to expose the Catholic lies. This is all true and documented in history. Monks and the middle ages is not a reason to base your beliefs on. Jesus set the example. The RCC does not represent Christ.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
1. Alan, I have always respected your opinions and your peaceful manner, on most issues, but God does not tolerate our own reasoning on the issue of vain repetitions. You falsely accuse non Catholics of condeming others, which is not the case at all. We are just trying to warn Catholics of the perils of some of their religious ways. They defy God and take away His Glory, weather you or Catholics think so or not. This is not just a harmless thing, that should be taken lightly. This is serious!

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
2. Anytime you try and reason away God's Word, such as the subject of vain repetitions, you run into trouble. God does not change. The Rosary falls into the vain repetitions category big time, weather you or any other person says otherwise. Like I said God does not change and He will not tolerate praying to another but Him, like the Rosary reguires (Hail Mary's). So Alan, when you make statement like you did, you are working against the workings of the Holy Spirit, no matter how humble your opinion is.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
Dan, you sound like me. I have been trying to tell the Catholics that come here, that for awhile now. God is a jealous God, and for good reason, because He diserves the glory due Him. We all tend to make God smaller than He is, because of our limited understanding and lack of total faith. We all, should pray only to Him in Jesus name. I left the RCC years ago and I'l never pray the Rosary again. It's repetitious payer, which the Bible warns is against God's will.

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
Catholic who wrote this post, I'm glad that you still believe in Jesus. I too was a Catholic, and I know that I know that I know, that the Catholic Church is made up of mostly man made lies, mixed with some Christianity. God called me out of there. Being a Born Again Christian, I could never go back to all that idolatry. I will not tell you what to do, but seek God until He shows you. God bless you.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
Ruben, that's just my point. The Catholic church mixes Christianity with Paganism. They are woven very tight and it's difficult for most Catholic to see what is really going on in the spiritual realm. When you are born again, and have God's spirit, you see the snake that wraps around the Catholic church. If you think that God approves of these Pagan practices, then your view is corrupted, and you have no real say in spiritual matters. You will know, and you will look back on all the signs and warnings.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
Yes, there most definately is a difference between a Catholic worldwide view and a Christians. A Christian will live for God. A Catholic is too busy running around like a donkey (to put it nicely) trying to obey the rules of men and they don't get far or nowhere at all. Most Catholics do not have the mind of Christ. They believe anything their church tells them. So a Catholic view is not God's view, but ask them and they are convinced that they are the one true religion. Their church is their god.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Most Catholics don't know what's really happening in their church. They believe their church rather than God.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
You say that in some undeveloped Country's Catholics are willing to die for Mary? Please! Buddhist monks do that for their beliefs. This does'nt mean it's for the right reason. Mary cannot help anybody. She's gone. Pray to God, who holds your life and your soul in his hands.

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
The Catholic Church has not been around since the first Century. Only the RCC will tell you that, so they can cover their errors. Another big myth, Peter was not the first Pope, because he went to be with God before the RCC. The RCC has the appearence of being holy and THE CHURCH, but God's real church is the body of Christ. Things are not always what they seem. The devil likes to use our physical senses to lure us in to his web. Looks and feels holy, must be holy. Not so. God looks at the heart of man.

Sightings Of The Virgin Mary
There are no virgin Mary sightings. Be careful here, it's not of God. They are from the Devil himself. The Bible says that Satan will come as an angel of light. You can believe that.

What Is Catholic Lent
Emcee, for an older person, you don't know your Catholic Church doctrine like you think you do. Look it up in your many rules of the Catholic Church. Lent- The 40 days before Easter as a season of fasting and pentinence.

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