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Person Hurt Me In Church
Caring, with all due respect, if a person were to take your advice, it would lead to a fight. Your operating purely in the flesh. Go and read the Gospels and learn what Jesus said to do. I don't condem you Caring, but you need to be transformed by God's Holy Spirit. You need to get saved. When and if you do, you will never be the same. You will have a peace that surpasses all understanding, and you will know it.

How Do You Pray
............."Praise Report"............

My wife's leg is healed! This is not natural. Nobody heals that fast unless God does it, and he did! Thanks for the prayers and thank you Piney Woods for being so faithful. Please continue to pray for our money situation, it's gotten a little better and I know God is faithful and will answer these prayers.

How Do You Pray
Please pray for the surviving victims and family and friends of the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Last count: 60 are missing. It's more of a recovery effort now but you never know. Pray also for the authorities and volunteers that are actively working in the rescue and search efforts.

How Do You Pray
1. Piney Woods, Your a God send. Thank you so much! My wife went back to the Dr. and the day I posted this, her healing began. Found out it WAS a spider bite but it looks like it peaked. Doc says that some dead skin may need to be removed. We are also believing for a financial miracle. It's weird that you said that because one time my wife and I were walking across a parking lot at night and she was behind me. I stepped on a wad of money and didn't even know it. My wife saw it . It was $230.00!

How Do You Pray
2. We put an add in the newspaper and contacted the Pharmacy where it was found. Nobody claimed it and it was ours. Please keep praying and thank you for your concern and kind words. May the Lord bless you abundantly, personally.

How Do You Pray
1. Please pray for my wife Mary. About 3 weeks ago she noticed what appeared to be a bug bite and went to the ER and she had tests on her blood for lyme disease and Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever etc., and they appear to be negative. Since then the affected area has gotten bigger and more red and seems to be spreading. She said it's also swelling under the skin. It does not look good. We are poor and have no money or insurance to go to a specialist. Also we lost work and are down to one not so big job.

How Do You Pray
2. Our rent and utilities are getting paid, but not enough for food and another vehicle which we need badly and for essentials. Our neighbors John and Ellen, who are Christian and who we helped in the past when they were poor, now have money and actually saw with their own eyes that we had hardly any food and did not offer to help. They are buying a 63" Plazma TV tomorrow. Go figure. Things are kind of a mess. Need that prayer. I believe it will make a difference. Thanks and God bless.

Are Rosary Beads A Sin
Having Rosary beads in ones posession can bring curses on thier whole family because they are an idol. Curses can be passed down from generation to generation and people have sickness because of sin. Remember what Jesus said when He healed some? I used to say the Rosary as a Catholic. Since then, I got Born Again, repented of that sin and have been forgiven by Jesus. You might think I'm being a fanatic, but God does not change. He is good, but He does not tolerate idols. He never did and He never will.

How Do You Stay Healthy
I drink a lot of milk and I'm a healthy 62 year old. In fact I look like I'm in my 40's. Just last night someone could not believe, that I was out of my 40's. This is true, so help me God. God has been good to me. Praise Him!

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