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Who Are You Voting For
Too funny. This idea that we might become a socialist country if we don't keep the Republican Terrorists in is so stupid. No arguments...over this question??? Politics today causes unbelievable arguments. Actually when it comes to politics, it's actually rude to ask someone that question.

Sorry ven, but you are asking a question that ensures arguments, just by your question, and your added verbiage already accusing ....yikes. I really wish Mitt Romney was running. Such an honest person.

Different Denominations Marry
Ven, I believe ELECT is what has preeminence at a particular time. In the OT Israel iGods Elect, Chosen people for a purpose according to His will. In the NT dispensation of Grace the Church has preeminence of being called The Elect..again according to Gods plans and purpose.

Israel will ALWAYS BE GODS ELECT. and those Jews who come through the Great Tribulation will be in a superior position than the residue of men AKA the Gentiles saved during the Great Trib. The Church at that time will have been translated and GLORIFIED TOGETHER WITH CHRIST reigning and ruling with Him at that time. This is the PLAN AND PURPOSE of why we are called the elect, and being groomed now to take our position with Jesus to reign with Him at that time.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
You may not have realized this because you're singularly minded over abortion issues maybe for the purpose of distraction and blinding you to the real issues. Once the Government gets a stronghold in the Churches, seeing many have replaced the Cross for the Flag NOW is pointing towards a one world government and one world church we see is the main stronghold in end times. The Woman who rides the beast is APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY who are so steeped in politics ..the beast) that after the beast uses the Woman for its own purpose, will then throw her off after it gets into the position it wants TOTAL POWER. I do find Putins power over the Russian Orthodox, Trumps admiration for Putin,and Trump sucking up to evangelicals interesting.

Know Each Other In Heaven
Ven, I know that is the Calvinist's interpretation of Romans 9 however I don't separate Romans 9 from Chapter 10 and CONCLUDES in Chapter 11, where in fact it concludes in Chapter 11 that Gods Chosen Elect people ISRAEL, will be saved. That is where you and I will have to part in this. The foundation for ISRAEL is Chapter 9 concludes in Chapter 11. It's not about YOU or the Church, but The Promises God made to Israel.

The Church ven is NOT Israel. So if one refuses to see this, they will never see exactly what God is saying in Romans 9-11.

David, I don't see "Grace" in John 14:21 . Did you just make that up?

People Reject God
Yes darkness is the absence of light. The LIGHT of the Glorious Gospel shines LIGHT in darkness, and why we ( THE CHURCH) are the Light of the World, today, as the Body of Christ just as Israel was a LIGHT TO THE NATIONS. The LIGHT of the WORD of God is stronger than Satan. To say the opposite is to say God is not all that mighty or powerful. The WORD, who is God SPOKE LIGHT into the world...has just as much power to speak LIGHT into any darkness of lost souls. TRY IT SOMETIME. But you have to speak In the power of the Holy Spirit. Speaking Calvin's words or PInk's or McArthurs words are not GODS WORDS.

Different Denominations Marry
Ven, God is not finished with Israel.

Romans 11: 26 And so it is written, ( GOD NEVER RENEGES ON HIS PROMISES AKA HIS SOVEREIGNTY) There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: ... Jacob here is EARTHLY ISRAEL. Isaiah 14... God never equated Jacob with the CHURCH.

27 For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. EZEKIEL 36 is yet to be fulfilled to Israel the Nation.

28 As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the father's sakes.

29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
I believe in the separation of church and state. Because of this separation we see churches were exempt from taxes. But now that we insist on not separating, and that tax payer money should go to religious schools, gives the Government power over the schools, just as what was happened in England and RCC Controlled Europe why people came here. Once the Government gets control of churches and church schools, it could also start controlling its curriculum. A dangerous place for churches to let the government get a foothold in. Just look at Russia and how Putin got his foot in and now runs and controls the Russian Orthodox Churches. You may want to brush up on that. Scary .

Know Each Other In Heaven
Let's continue with the verses ven did not post. The children of promise here is Isaac, then as we see Paul continues to Jacob

Romans 9:9For this is the word of promise, At this time will I come, and Sarah shall have a son.10 And not only this, but when Rebecca also had conceived by one, even by our father Isaac,11 (For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of him that calleth,)12 It was said unto her, The elder shall serve the younger.

Isaiah 14:2 Deut 7:6 elect and chosen. Elect and chosen for salvation? We're all saved?
Elect Chosen To Be a HOLY NATION . For SERVICE.

Different Denominations Marry
I'm sorry ven, but you are wrong. We see often in the OT That Israel is Chosen Gods ELECT, however there is ample proof not all were saved before the foundation of the world.

The CHURCH today is the elect . We now are to be that LIGHT to the nations, just as Israel was to be. We are Jesus hands and feet on this earth today to preach the GOOD NEWS TO THE LOST

People Reject God
David thank you for posting that verse. LEST AKA UNLESS THE LIGHT OF THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL SHOULD SHINE INTO THEM, ....NOTE IT DOESNT SAY UNLESS you are made alive by the Spirit first .....

Good job.

Know Each Other In Heaven
So ven, because you first were Pentecostal, and looked for a better church proves your theory wrong. If you had testified that WALLA out of left field you were made alive to believe and then believed, ...but that's not your testimony. You took a doctrine and forced it into your experience that never happened.

David, OT SAINTS looked forward to the cross, their faith being in one who would die for their sin, Genesis 3:15...Isaiah 53, NT SAINTS look back at the cross, we having a more complete salvation IN CHRIST they did not have until Jesus rose from the dead. They are now the spirits of just men MADE PERFECT. Hebrews 11:37:40 Heb 12:23

Are Democrats Terrorists
Interestingly these statutes in question were not erected immediately after the Civil war. If that happened, believe me the US MILITARY would be involved in taking them down then, because YES they were traitors. These statutes were erected in the 1920, all having plaques stating they are from The United Daughters Of The Confereracy in the 20's. And was allowed during the Jim Crowe Era. Their freedom to do this CLEARLY TRAMPLED THE RIGHTS OF OTHER AMERICAN CITIZENS, as ven failed to point out. Now interestingly in my state years ago Roy Barnes our Democratic Governor changed the Confederate flag because it offended as it does today. Because of that he was voted out of office. So no, Democrats are not terrorist .

Should Churches Pay Taxes
Yes if tax payer money is going to religious schools absolutely. Also since so many are preaching and involved in politics they again should be paying taxes since they have violated the Johnson Amendment. There are those who have blatantly violated this law. The Johnson Amendment is still on the books in spite of Trump claiming the opposite . Trump again violating the rule of law.

Know Each Other In Heaven
David one can fall from GRACE by going back to live under the Law as we see in Galatians , then another aspect of NT GRACE is our life IN CHRIST . I IN THEM, CHRIST IN YOU ,John 17, Colossians 1:24-27 YOU in Christ , where the RICHES OF HIS GRACE can be found. While Jesus was on earth no one was yet IN CHRIST. BUT His prayer in John 17 point to that time of this Grace , where now one can be IN CHRIST HAVING CHRIST FORMED IN YOU Galatians calls GRACE. ITS only available to those not under the law, as the law voids out Grace in our lives RE FALLING FROM GRACE Galatians 2:20-21. One must be Crucified with Christ to have THIS GRACE so richly in our lives. NT GRACE IS NOT GODS GOOD HUMOR. ..IF you read all verses in the NT you will see that.

Know Each Other In Heaven
David, I love that. A doctrine didn't draw me to Christ . Perfect. Calvinism is a doctrine does not draw anyone to Christ, but it does draw people to a cult.

David, the gospel of John unlike the other three reveal Jesus prayer before He was CRUCIFIED and RISEN. John 17 is something only the Lord can reveal to you GRACE in Jesus own WORDS.

People Reject God
Actually Samuel, seeing they are facing the second death they are there first because they rejected Jesus Christ ...And did not ...2 Thessalonians 2:10. So in the great white throne judgement all they will have to be judged is their works, which God will shows that no works no matter how wonderful cannot earn salvation .

Different Denominations Marry
There is no verse that says "IN THE END ONLY THE CHOSEN ONES WILL BE SAVED".

What a retarded statement. It's like saying in the end only the saved will be saved. Only Jesus Christ is THE CHOSEN ONE. ven keeps putting himself in Jesus place ....which is blasphemy. He'll never understand truth as long as he keeps reading in

his cult books reinforcing these lies.

Israel God set aside as His Chosen People. Those saved today are also set aside, aka SAINTS. Calvinists TWIST the word CHOSEN and make up all kinds of this and that scripture never said.

Are Democrats Terrorists
No Jerry, I think it's your kind of SDA , not Samuels who are terrorists. You are both SDA, just like all are AMERICANS.

I so hate this DEMONIZING other Americans who don't hold your political views with false accusations that create hate and division. Totally of SATAN. Why, because AMERICA was founded on freedom of having the freedom to have personal political and even religious views whether we like it or not. Even the freedom for someone to burn the flag, whether we like it or not. But to say it's democrats who are vandalizing etc is spreading lies without proof. How do you know they are not hired thugs from the Republicans to make the PEACEFUL PROTERSTES look bad? You don't know that Jerry.

Different Denominations Marry
We are not to be unequally yoked. Many see Catholicism as being a false Gospel. I do know Christians who married Catholics and regret they did, mostly because the RCC wants to convert the other to bow to the RCC. It's not like a Baptist marrying a Methodist. Christians shouldn't marry Mormons or JW's either. Maybe Calvinist's should be on the list, because they don't leave well enough alone but hack at you day and night to follow their doctrine of the TULIP. I'd never be married to anyone who would badger me in anyway to believe exactly as they do. We are individuals who answer individually to the Lord.

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