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Can Angels Have God's Grace
Ven I see you more wrong the kathyr. Calvinism is based on Total Depravity.
Unconditional election
Limited Atonement
Irresistible grace
Persistence of the Saints.

Did this from Memory. I disagree with it. So do millions of other Christians. You as a Christian should be polite and kind to others.

Take COVID-19 Vaccination Today
Yes I would take it. I also wear a mask and cannot wait for a competent person to take his place. Hopefully,.

Meaning Of The Word Repent
I agree Kathyr. To repent is to be sorry for your sins and turn away from sin and hate to love.

I Want To Serve God
I keep finding so much I can agree with. God bless and keep all of ya'll.

Can Angels Have God's Grace
Agree and agree and great points. Amen to all.

Dr. Title Misleading For Pastor
David Keeping the Ten Commandments are not dead works. They are acts of love. In Matthew 5 Jesus spoke on the Ten and there basis which is love of GOD and love of others.

Dead works are what hypocrites do. They think that they can do some good thing and it helps save them. Others think doing good is optional. Love is not optional. Love works.

Read Romans 2. Also James he supports that love leads to obeying the Ten Commandment and more.

Again Jesus in Matthew 5 shows that those who are saved walk in love.

Remember the good servants. Who did right because it is right? Luke 17:7-10

Meaning Of The Word Repent
Thank you Strong Ax. That was a good analogy. Calvinism does make GOD the one who causes us to live in sin.

Free will puts us to be responsible for our actions. I do agree with some parts of Calvin's teaching.

Those who use Persistence or Security of the Believer from TULIP have to me a hard time supporting that one point out of Tulip. When they reject the rest.


President Trump Twitter Facts
His old man walk down the ramp was funny because of all the times he ridiculed others for looking weak. He was suggesting that Hilary was on the brink of death for a stumble. When he get his weakness pointed to it irritates him that he has to use two hands to get a drink of water.

But he is just getting what he has dished out. What goes around comes around.

James Robison Ski House
James Robinson is one in a long line of huckster that Jude and Paul warns us of.

People want an easy way to become rich and want GOD to help them. So these false prophets spread lies to become rich.

One of my Sisters believed in them and refused treatment for curable cancer sending thousands of dollars to a fake healer. She died.

Matthew 25 will come true.

Meaning Of The Word Repent
God always wants to save us. He loves us. But when we refuse to do right. He will let us go and die in our sins. Repent is used differently for us. We are sinners and need to stop living in hate and sin. We need to be sorry for our life of sin and turn to GOD. In repentance.

True the Bible uses the word repent for GOD. That is to show how he will do right. If we change.

Why Do Good Works
A Christian walks in love. Love does good works. An Apple tree produces apples. A Christian does good works because he loves GOD and loves others.

Those who say they love and do n't do good works are showing they are hypocrites also known as goats in Matthew 25.

President Trump Twitter Facts
Trump uses his lies like weapons and as many demagogues before him.

You can fools some of the People all of the time. Just watch Trump followers.

Leftist Hatred Tearing USA
So Jerry Trump has established Socialism in the United States. I believe he is more of a Fascist. Because you say that Socialism is not established and only the United States Government can do that.

Now if you had stated that
anarchist were roaming the streets. Than you would have an out.

So being opposed to Police officers murdering people is being a Socialist? I thought being against murder was being a Christian.

Bill Gates Required Microchip
This conspiracy theory is a disservice to all who follow Jesus.

This hurts those who are working to do right.

I Want To Serve God

mike: & Strongax.

Sabbath is a day of worship and rest. Also as Jesus said a day to do good works.

We can get together and worship every day of the week if we wish. The Sabbath was set up in Genesis as a Holy time.

I believe Romans 14:5 is about seeking truth.

Correct we are to not being judging others. As a Seventh day Adventist I am judged many times. But I will do what Jesus said and let him be the judge. Not my job.


President Trump Twitter Facts
This not so much about freedom of Speech but of accountability of stopping Conspiracy theories and lies.

What Is Your Truth
I too disagree with how Paul is taught. Since many cherry pick certain verses to put away the law. Paul upholds the law and states it is still to be followed. Romans 3 & 6 What Paul opposes is that the law saves us. The law is like a stop sign. It says don't do this. Those who walk in love keep the Commandments of GOD. Titus. The words of Jesus and the words of Paul when taken in context agree. It is those who say the law is done away with who fail to read what Paul is saying.

Bill Gates Required Microchip
Amen Kathyr Those conspiracy theory people are leading many away from truth.

Bill Gates is not perfect. But the lies spread about him are meant to install fear and prevent people for thinking rationally. So sad.

Covid-19 Life Impact
My budget is to tight. But my Brother in law keeps buying stuff we don't need.

Patience and love are having to be exercised daily.

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