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Explain Matthew 23:1-3
Do what they teach but don't be a hipocrite or immitatr their wrong actions

Have You Witnessed Recently
I have witnessed to roughly 5 people this month. I love people at the mall at kiosks, because they approach first, sometimes. I also love the people who set up stands at Wal-Mart right outside the exit door - I have a captive audience. I also love the people who push the carts back into Wal-Mart because we can walk and talk.

Have You Witnessed Recently
I have witnessed to 5 people this month - able to talk to 2 completely about the gospel and the other 3 I left with a gospel tract. Amazingly, or maybe not, these were Salvation Army workers ringing a bell in front of stores I go into. On asking the Evangelism explosion question, neither had a good response to give to God when asked "If you died today and were standing before God on judgment day and He asked, "why should I let you into my kingdom" what would you say" Neither had answer showing they understand salvation. One said "I would say Please," and the other said "Because I've made amends and don't do that stuff any more."

Why Don't Christians Witness
I think it is because, as Ray Comfort would, the churches are filled with millions of nonbelievers! You cannot expect a nonbeliever to witness for Christ. As for the believers in the church that do not witness using both action AND word I think it is because they are scared and letting fear triumph over salvation of souls.

How Do You Pray
i pray every moring and night for every one that his ill and for the church to grow other countries i pray for were there is fammine and i pray for myself has i have to have a new knee cap and i am in a lot of pain i thank God every moring that i am alive and strengh to go through the day

Soul Winning Outside Church
I would agree that the majority of people that go to church are not Christian. To say one is a Christian today is way to be "in." Should persecution come, the wheat would be separated from the chaff. Agree with moderator that soul winning is something even inside the church, but also believe that the purpose of the church is to build up believers in the faith, not have a service catered to the lost.

Life Style Evangelism Only
I think that life-style evangelism is the prerequiste to actually speaking. If the lifestyle is not there, no one will listen to your words. Life-style evangelism though, is the bare minimum a Christian must do. Ray Comfort of way of the master says that he believes in friendship evangelism and can make a friend in three minutes and tell him the gospel!

Tell Dates About My Handicap
We all have disabilities of one kind or another, you have a limp so what! This should not be a barrier to a friendship unless the person is very shallow.

Am I Really A Dead Person
hin sweet heart, sorry for you to be in such asituation. i know love is so painful, but much as you feel you can never trust any woman, many women out there say the same including my self becouse i am in the same situation. but remember love is agift from God and those who wait upon the lord recieve the best. so i am sure God has the best plan for you.pray until some thing happens. i will also pray for you. God bless you somuch.

The Pain Of Loneliness
This has help me during some serious loneliness and has brought me even closer 2 God. 1st u need 2 understand the loneliness u r feeling. Once u identify what kind of loneliness u r feeling then you can ask the Lord 2 reveal 2 u what u can do 2 overcome that loneliness and comfort ure-self. Keep ure heart sincere and ure mind stayed on God and ure loneliness will b few and far between.

What Is The Worst Sin
sorry I was talking about the culprits victims

What Is The Worst Sin
the worse sin ever is "Insulting someone who is dead" people who do this are spineless to face their culprit and therefore come on line to insult. Talk about hiding behind his key boards and throw out his insults to unarmed culprits.

Donald Trump And Rosie Odonnell
I wanted Donald to ignored Rosie since he influences the behavior of millions. People needed him to say we all make mistakes including Rosie and let it go. Rosies comments were not funny but Donalds unwillingness to give her a 2nd chance took away from the other 2nd chance he gave. I pray they will find it in their hearts to forgive each other.

Is Halloween A Christian Holiday
No, halloween is a satanic holiday. It started out centuries ago as a " hallowed eve " for christians but , as time passed it became perverted and became satans' high holiday. Christians under the blood of Jesus should not honor this evil day. marga8388

Is Jerusalem An Important City
Does not your bible speak of a " new Jerusalem coming down " ? I'd say it must be pretty important if God builds a new one for us. marga8388

Need Help For Bipolar Daughter
My daughter is Bipolar with PTS. She has been under the care of her doctor for 4 years then my husband passed away, I spoke to her about god and how she really needed christian counseling. She has did so, now she is off all medications except for one, and she is doing so well that her doctor stated she really does not need to meet with him except for every 3 to 5 months. All I can say is God will not give you more than you can handle. Yes he will test your limits but you can handle it.

Where Are The Real Ladies
I do not believe there is such a thing as 100% lady OR gentleman! All we can do is be our best. If you want to write I will get back.

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