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Promises From God On Remarriage
I will answer the part of your question about how long you should wait to see a promise from God fulfilled. It looks like everyone else has the remarry part covered. God promised David kingship when he was 12-15 years old. David was 30 and had led a life of much drama before he became king. It appeared many times he wouldn't be king but God was using all his trials and time to prepare him for the task. Look how long it was before Jesus came after promised. We are waiting on His promised return, now. You can't know God's timetable even when you know for sure He has promised something.

My Husband Cheated On Me
Go to the counselor! Insist on a Christian counselor though. And be careful of exactly what you're getting. At times I need to refer clients to counselors and when I began looking for Christian counselors in our area, I was surprised that some of them called themselves Christian but the only thing they did that aligned with God was to pray at the end of the session. The rest of the time they were all about secular advice. Get a referral from a pastor if possible or when finding one, ask if they counsel based on God's Word and not worldly ideas. Many men won't agree to counseling. He may be truly struggling with sexual sin and glad for this chance to get it in the open and seek help with your support. God will honor your faithfulness. Romans 8:28

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